Spotlight focus on world-class performers at the 2017 People’s Ball

While all roads will lead to the Hilton Meadowlands Hotel along Meadowlands Plaza in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Friday, August 11, 2017 at 7 PM for the 9th Grand People’s Ball, every guest will indubitably experience that bizarre feeling of inquisitiveness about the impressive line-up of diverse personalities performing at the most awaited prelude to the two-day weekend event of Fiesta In America.

Already all agog and enthusiastic over this year’s theme, the Psychedelic and Kaleidoscopic 60s, the remarkable cast of performers and entertainers more than induced curiosity and persuasion to attend and be counted at the most anticipated summer gala of the year.

Get to know the world-class crowd drawers all set to provide nothing but only the best and top-notch production numbers that will surely turn the already glitzy occasion into an even more stellar evening gaudily laden with the music, fashion, culture, and the ostentatious lifestyle of the 60s era.

Take The Stage

Queens, New York-based Take The Stage, a fast-rising triumvirate of young passionate singer-performers, has slowly but surely created a divergent image all their own while instituting a name that redefines the whole concept of boy bands. Smart and equally good-looking in their formative years, Take The Stage, this early, is already becoming a threat to the great number of related singing and playing groups which challenges the kids to deliver even better. Composed of Garcia brothers Hans (18, vocalist, lead guitarist, and composer) and Shane (15, drummer and vocals), and cousin Kiel (18, bass guitar and back-up vocals), Take The Stage is cautiously emerging into one of the most in-demand groups while simultaneously building up a growing fan base.

Band Of Brothers

Bonded by their common interest in music that solidifies their strongly driven aspiration to perform and entertain, the four members of the Band of Brothers had unquestionably demonstrated the efficacy of strapping brotherhood even sans blood line. The Lozano brothers Jose /“Pepe” (lead guitarist / vocalist), Gregorio, Jr. / “Jay-Jay” (bass / vocalist), and Juan Carlos /  “Jay-C” (keyboards / vocals), together with performing buddy Nielson Valero Manapat (drums / vocals), have stood the test of time endowed with an unwritten accord to stay solid and united guided by a rock-solid mantra: “To be bonded by their music and remain brothers way beyond the band”. Known for their instinctively exceptional vocal blending and harmonizing, and after conquering numerous countries aside from the US, there seem no stopping the exceedingly talented quartette from attaining supremacy not only in the local music scene but internationally, as well.

Rasmin Diaz

Talk about paramount diversity of vocal range with an extensive grasp of a multiplicity of genre, this chanteuse / belter from Cagayan de Oro has indubitably stamped her mark and carved a niche in the annals of local music history, particularly in the tri-state area. Her entrenched status with unflinching dedication to her craft makes her poles apart from among the crowding league of female vocalists. Rasmin sings standards, belts out high-pitched disco and upbeat selections, effortlessly renders easy-on-the-ear love songs, chants romantic oldies, warbles saccharine-loaded melodies, and could (still) deliver arias…when pressured. Rasmin’s unrivaled professionalism and consummate commitment to her audience could instantaneously make her switch personalities… from a schmaltzy songstress to a fiery diva. Sooner than expected, the moniker “Rasmin Diaz” could synonymously mean “Entertainer par excellence.”

Jerome Gentolia

A veteran of a number of Broadway and off-Broadway productions with a roster of inter-state road shows, it’s but easy to bring to a conclusion that Jerome Gentolia is, without a doubt, one rare talent seamlessly cut from among the established and aspiring ones. Despite having attained success after success, the suave singer has incredibly remained low key and self-effacing. Jerome’s musical ingenuity is limitless. He effortlessly excels in ballads, Broadway, Rock, metal, punk rock, Soul, and what have you. While his feet are rooted deeply on the ground, his face is held up high… envisioning more significant projects that could eventually challenge his capabilities and put his vocal skills to an edge-defying acid test.

Sabrina Ramos

Well-skilled in the performing arts (having been trained in singing, acting, and dancing and won in various stiffly-contested competitions), Maria Sabrina Ramos, was adjudged PAFCOM’s 2016 Miss Liberty. Sabrina is multi-lingual (she speaks French, Tagalog, English), a potential actress and model, an accomplished gymnast, a creative writer, and a multi-awarded contender during the 2015 Hollywood Showcase competition. Statuesque with regal bearing at 15 and seemingly confident when queried about familiar subjects, the stylishly eloquent multi-faceted young lass could straightforwardly win anyone to her side with just her charming ways and gentle persuasion.

Bryan Magsayo

As if the numerous Filipinos that attained global excellence and widely acknowledged for their superb distinction in singing were not enough to disclose our dominance in the field, the astounding emergence of Bryan Magsayo in YouTube more than attested our unrivaled supremacy in the music arena. His status as an overseas worker failed to thwart where his true destiny led him and hinder his passion for singing. The low-profile singer from Valencia, Bukidnon initiated training his vocal cords at age 7 with a voluminous record of amateur singing contest achievements behind him that catapulted his singing career to where he is currently based: in China doing what he does best— singing! Discovered in YouTube being a vocal dead-ringer of  Air Supply’s Russell Hitchcock, Bryan gained prominence since with a tag, “YouTube Sensation,” neatly stashed under his sleeves and “Air Supply cover virtuoso” after his name while enjoying life’s fine luxuries (that) fame brought him.

Analia Farfan

Innately born with proficient terpsichorean skills while simultaneously armed with unambiguous focus and wholehearted dedication to her craft, Analia has utilized every bit of her mortal faculties and enormously honed her artistic ingenuity for excellence in Ballet and later, in Tango. She studied Ballet under the tutelage of the best in her place of birth, Buenos Aires,  graduated with honors from Maria Ruanova Institute and later became National Ballet and Contemporary Dance Teacher while she concurrently studied Tango with Tango virtuoso Osvaldo Soto. Analia was a recipient of a scholarship grant from Marika Besobrasova at Princess Grace Academy in Monaco and her prior affiliations with several dance companies: Liliana Belfiore Studio Company, Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, The Metropolitan Opera Ballet, American Youth Ballet, Richard Marsden Ballet, Tbilisi Paliashvili Ballet & Opera, Russian-American Ballet, and American-Swiss Ballet. Currently the president of Argentina for the “UN of the World Organization,” Analia has been booked to perform at the Berlin Opera later part of the year.

Leonardo Sardella

Having started dancing Tango professionally from his hometown in Buenos Aires, Leonardo has effectually and productively performed on the best stages in Argentina with several dance companies before he decided to move to NYC in 2011. To broaden his horizon and to expand his flair for dancing he co-founded Malevaje with Walter Perez. Leonardo currently teaches and performs at Dardo Galletto Studios in the heart of Times Square while simultaneously being a principal dancer for the Mariela Franganillo’s Dance Company. Some of his most eminent performances include: “Tango Connections” (2012), “Recuerdo Tango” (2013), “A Puro Tango” (2014 US Tour).

To be emceed by fast-rising female event host Allah Arcangel and multi-faceted singer-performer Jerome Gentolia, with veteran radio announcer / broadcaster Fiorello Salvo as guest host and music by Ernie Bugarin, the 2017 People’s Ball promises to surpass and outshine its own successful record in the past with exceeding degree of excellence.

Come and join us celebrate and relive the grandeur of the 60s era on Friday, August 11, 2017 at the aristocratic ballroom of Hilton Meadowlands Hotel at  #2 Meadowlands Plaza, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 and experience the fun, excitement, and the high spirited ambience.

For reservations or more information please call 212-682-6610 or 201-300-5234 or visit us at You can also contact the People’s Ball Honorary Chairs: Jocelyn Aligarbes @ 646-515-5234 ([email protected]); Maria Pilar Monje @ 017-378-3030 ([email protected]); & Atty. Nick Caraquel @ 859-398-8999 ([email protected]).

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