Galerie Joaquin brings top Filipino artists to LA Art Show

GALERIE Joaquin, one of Manila’s most dynamic art galleries brings some of its leading artists to the L.A. Art Show which opened with a Vernissage on the 14th of February and runs from Thursday, February 15 to Sunday, February 18. It will be located at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Some of the artists that Galerie Joaquin is bringing to L.A. are artists who capture a strong sense of Asian and Filipino sensibilities. The concept of Galerie Joaquin’s participation is to serve as a cultural discourse to present some of the concerns, interests, and subjects expounded upon by its Filipino artists.

Some of these artworks take into account a nostalgic history of the Filipino colonial past such as the Spanish Colonial Period and the American Colonial Period as expounded upon by artist, Dominic Rubio. Rubio is considered one of the masters of Neo-genre art in the Philippines. Also, delving into the nostalgic past is artist Almer Moneda. His black and white subjects through colorful backgrounds highlight forgotten cultures and practices of Filipinos. Self-taught artist, Alexander Calceta’s subjects are often extracted from daily life such as objects, gestures, and situations. He also explores other techniques and approaches like those of modernism by experimenting and combining classic art with modern to create a dynamic fusion.


Engulfed in a vast spectrum of verdure is Art Lozano’s emblematic vintage cars, symbolizing innovation and the development of the human condition. The absence of the human figure in his illustrations further suggests and uncovers the mystery of adventure, hoping to imprint sentiments of courage, excitement, and diligence. RV Basco earnestly captures themes of resilience and empathy through figurative illustration, with recurring young characters as the primary subjects and perceivers of the artist’s anti-utopian terrene. Aljo Pingol focuses on the flower power generation of the 60s and the 70’s bringing them forward into today’s Modern and Contemporary world. A contemporary artist of the whimsical pop genre, Farley del Rosario rose to prominence with a series that riffed on classic art canon pieces and iconic movie scenes, taking off from the familiar with his signature childlike flair. Errol Mendoza is an L.A.-based Filipino artist who has spent a lot of time in theater and opera but is now focused on developing his skills and talents as a visual artist.

“Timeless Reverie,” located at booth 415, runs from February 14 – 18, 2024. The L.A. Art Show is at the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. For inquiries contact +63 917 5343942 or email [email protected].


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