Southwest Las Vegas rallies for Team Biden-Harris and Democrats at coordinated campaign office opening

Team Biden-Harris and the Nevada state Democratic Party celebrated the official opening of the southwest Las Vegas coordinated campaign office.AJPress photos by Robert Macabagdal

Team Biden-Harris and the Nevada State Democratic Party celebrated the official opening of the southwest Las Vegas coordinated campaign office dedicated to reelecting President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot. The southwest Las Vegas office follows a coordinated office opening in North Las Vegas over the weekend, and is the latest in a ramp up in the Democratic coordinated campaign’s ground operations in Nevada, which will include training sessions for volunteers, canvass kickoffs, volunteer recruitment events, and more.

In southwest Las Vegas, former Governor Steve Sisolak, members of the AAPI Legislative Caucus, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, and volunteers, supporters, and community members highlighted how President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot have delivered for Nevadans, and specifically the AAPI community, by lowering costs, supporting AAPI-owned small businesses, and taking action against anti-Asian hate and violence. Meanwhile, Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are pushing an agenda that would raise costs for Nevada families,  rip away freedoms, and threaten our democracy.

Former Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak

“I served as governor during the Biden administration and the Trump administration,” said former Governor Steve Sisolak. “When I called the White House to get Nevadans the help we needed during our state’s toughest time, President Biden answered my call. President Trump did not. President Biden cares about Nevadans – he delivered for us then and is still delivering for us now. He’s overseen the creation of 285,000 jobs in Nevada since he took office and is the most pro-union, pro-labor president we’ve ever had in the United States. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is running to give even more handouts to the rich and rig the economy for the ultra-wealthy and corporations.”

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria

“From creating 14 million jobs to signing the first piece of meaningful gun violence reduction legislation passed by Congress in decades, President Biden has delivered for Americans,” said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. “While Donald Trump spent four years talking about a failed ‘infrastructure week,’ President Biden took action, passing over a trillion dollars to repair the roads and fix our bridges and invest in our neighborhoods all across this country. That’s what strong leadership looks like, and it’s why the contrast between President Biden and Donald Trump could not be clearer.”

Nevada State Senator Rochelle Nguyen

“President Biden has strengthened the Affordable Care Act, lowered the price of prescription drugs, and capped insulin at $35 for seniors,” said state Senator Rochelle Nguyen. “This is a big deal for Americans, and particularly for the one in three Asian Americans who are likely to have diabetes during their lifetime. Meanwhile, Donald Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, has done nothing to lower costs of prescription drugs, and has said he wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. We need to reelect President Biden, Vice President Harris and Democrats across Nevada because they’ll continue to ensure that health care is affordable and accessible for our communities, including our AAPI community.”

Nevada Assemblywoman Brittney Miller

“President Biden has lowered health care costs, invested in revitalizing Nevada’s infrastructure, and jump started an economy that Donald Trump left in shambles,” said Assemblywoman Brittney Miller. “While Donald Trump fueled hateful rhetoric toward our AAPI communities, President Biden took meaningful action that led to an Asian American owned small business boom. In an election that will be a fundamental choice between opportunity for all our communities and hatred and division, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Nevada Democrats will continue to deliver results.”


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