Two-time Emmy award winner Marc Anthony Nicolas to ‘Make his Marc’ on GMA Pinoy TV

Two-time Emmy winner Marc Anthony Nicolas
Instagram photo/@marcanthonynicolas

FILIPINO American producer Marc Anthony Nicolas has no less than two Emmy awards under his belt, and on March 24, he will officially be a part of GMA Pinoy TV, the Home of Global Pinoy.

Marc has worked with some of the best talk shows in the U.S. – The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tyra Banks Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and The Talk – and with all the accolades he has received, he surely has made a mark in the American television industry. Now, he is about to make Filipino content for his global Pinoys around the world.

“Being part of GMA Pinoy TV is very special because my family always watches this network and it has become a platform where people can share their stories. I am so excited because it is going to be airing in Guam, Japan, North America, and all these amazing places and I am just so lucky and so blessed to have this team behind me,” he said.

“Working on this project, it is so nice to see people who look like me and talk like me and share that special bond and heritage and tradition and that is what makes it feel so special because I have that connection not only with the trailblazers who are Filipino but also the crew,” Marc added.

Christian Reyes, the director of Make Your Marc, has this to say: “Rarely do we meet a team or producers that trust us. So it is always, do this, do that, you know, there is no collaborative thing. It is different now because both of you believe in us and you want to work with youngsters, for lack of a better term. And I thank you for that.”

Executive producer Chris Gordon believes in the talent but also in the passion of the team behind “Make Your Marc.”

“One, I have never been on a set or worked on a project where just about everybody is a person of color or a Filipino American or Filipino. And the production team, Christian and his crew are young and they are vibrant and they are fresh and they are hungry and you can feel it,” Gordon said.

Aside from that, Chris believes in the wit and brilliance of Marc as a host, and his passion for producing inspiring stories that move people.

“I also think that folks are going to be represented here. I feel as though with the trailblazers and people whom they have inspired, I feel as though there are a lot of people who will be inspired by these trailblazers stories and how they have become, how they have made their mark in the world,” he stated.

Watch out for the amazing stories of global Pinoys who have made a difference in their fields, including Ranella Ferrer, known for her excellent performances of the national anthem and who has been a mentor to many other young, aspiring singers; Filipino fashion designer Kenneth Barlis, who has dressed global icons such as Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Carrie Underwood; Maricris Lapaix, who has not only carved a name in sculpting bodies but have also inspired others with her health and wellness journey; acclaimed Filipino Chef, author, and TV host Alvin Cailan, who has made a name in the world of culinary; the prominent figures in the The Outstanding Filipino Awards (TOFA) including veteran host Boy Abunda, multi-awarded broadcast journalist Jessica Soho, and TOFA founder Elton Lugay; entrepreneur Sandro Roco, the founder of the first Asian-inspired sparkling water; Filipino teacher Joseph Alcario who was awarded as “California’s Teacher of the Year” because of his passion for teaching; and lastly, Dr. Audrey Sue Cruz, who was recognized for her contribution in healthcare during the pandemic and was honored with a Barbie figure.

With Marc and his team’s passion for relevant and inspiring content, expect extraordinary narratives from trailblazers around the world with “Make Your Marc.”

Catch it on March 24, 2024, 4 PM (Paficic)/7 PM (Eastern) on GMA Pinoy TV. To check the airing schedule in your area, visit For details on how to subscribe, visit

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