His Silver Turn: Francis Libiran Celebrates 25 Years Of Unparalleled Filipino Sartorial Excellence In This Sterling Evening

The conversation of contemporary Filipino fashion is not complete without a mention of Francis Libiran. Already rich and referenced, the ever-evolving dialogue of all things sartorial through the Philippines’ unique point-of-view gets even more colorful, this time with a sprinkle of glint and gleam through a sterling coming together of 25 years of unparalleled Filipino excellence. In celebration of a quarter’s turn in the landscape of style, the well-decorated Francis Libiran gets immortalized in the hallowed halls of heritage and history in an enchanting evening of fashion and purpose.


The Legacy of Francis Libiran

Longevity is no easy feat in any context, more so in a world that is so fast-paced and inundated with the new, now, and next. But for one to withstand a significant amount of tenure in such a temperamental field is a victory, especially when you stack up to 25 years and counting. Over the course of that length of time, Francis Libiran has already left such an indelible imprint on Filipino fashion. From his first-ever milestone of dressing up Anne Curtis during the first Star Magic Ball in 2008, where she was, auspicious as it was for the designer, named best dressed, to fashioning a striking creation for Tyra Banks herself in 2012, the Filipino designer’s name was soon on many fashion savant’s lips.

His relationship with Miss Banks would continue to America’s Next Top Model where he was able to showcase his Hello Kitty Couture collection and later on, his Creatures of the Night collection, which would eventually help open more doors for him in Hollywood, where to date, Francis Libiran has worked closely with the likes of Darren Criss, Angela Bassett, Nikki Reed, Mena Massoud, and Billy Porter.

With the unmatched craftsmanship and creativity of the Philippines stitched and sewn into the seams of his wearable works of art, the designer has only doubled down on Filipino pride—

even with global acclaim to his name. In fact, he holds a distinct honor for designing the parade uniforms of Team Philippines for three seasons of Southeast Asian games—Flag, Agila, and Araw, allowing Francis Libiran to bring honor and glory to the country.


Rising Like A Phoenix

Carving out such a storied legacy is not one without its challenges. But as the legends and pioneers themselves have dared to, they took this head on and used it to spark their journey into braving new frontiers. To symbolize this experience, one that the Filipino celebration shares with many trailblazers that came before him, Francis Libiran is immortalizing this undertaking through his 25th anniversary collection inspired by the mythical creature of the phoenix. Just like the majestic and mysterious creature that has enthralled many, the collection is a true reflection of the brand, constantly and consistently rising above the expected.

With streams of silver and gold, splashes of sparkle, and streaks of architectural details that Francis Libiran is known for, the Phoenix collection is representative of where the brand wants to take its flight into the future. From its rebirth and resurgence, his designs and creations continue to ascend and elevate Filipino fashion with its unending grace, grit, and glamour for many generations to come.

Beyond the glistening and glimmering at a glance, a Francis Libiran offering is always anchored on the heart. For Sterling, Francis Libiran continues its advocacy for children’s welfare, education, and development in partnership with CBN Asia and Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines. True enough, part of the proceeds for the Francis Libiran Perfumes that are set to be introduced that night, particularly a swirl of fruity and citrus, woody, and floral notes (Gardenia Mango, Spice Oud, and Neroli Clavel) as created by Renato Lopena Jr., will go to the benefit of the aforementioned philanthropic effort of the Filipino designer.


A Night To Remember

With all roads leading to the Grand Ballroom at the City of Dreams Manila on November 24, 2023, a dramatic parallel will be manifested in the 25th anniversary festivities entitled, Sterling. Drawn by the lustrous precious metal akin to the milestone and the brand’s illustrious career, it is the inherent persistence and passion that courses through the Francis Libiran brand that takes center stage. Beyond its brilliance, this is more than just a fete, but a commitment to maintaining a standard of sophistication that withstands the test of time.



Sterling, the Francis Libiran 25th Anniversary Show is presented by City of Dreams Manila, Francis Libiran Perfumes, and Security Bank., and brought to you by Christine Ong-Te Events, Nice Print Photo, Lumi Candles, Your Wine Experience by Handelaar Corp, Hartman Communications, Inc., Triple Luck Brow and Nail Salon, and House of Brows & Lashes, and GMT Philippines.

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