Forever Young club president Tess Gregorio, also known as the Filipino American community’s Singer for All Occasions, celebrated her 82nd birthday with a luncheon held at Isla Restaurant in Newark on November 12, 2023.

The occasion was made special with the presence of more than 100 of her family, relatives and closest friends. Top photo shows the birthday celebrant with guests in front of Isla Restaurant (from left) Emilyna & Edward Young, Shirley Castro, Zeny Herrera, Jean-Pierre Moloudj, Tess Gregorio, Gina Picaszo and Stenili Sazon.

Middle photo shows the celebrant with her family members (from left) daughter Maria “Techie” Gregorio, daughter Shirley Castro, celebrant Tess Gregorio, grandson Jean-Pierre Moloudj and son Jojo Gregorio.

Photo shows some of the guests at the celebration, including a couple of city commissioners from Daly City (standing, back row, from left) Gina Picaszo, Marilyn Castro, Edward Young, Emilyn Roxas, Maryjo Montano; (standing, middle row, from left) Stenili Sazon, Shirley Castro, Patria Crizaldo, Commissioner Dorie Paniza, Evelyn Bambao and Dra. Tess Benin; (seated, from left) Cleo Manual, Zeny Herrera, celebrant Tess Gregorio, Commissioner Ray Satorre and Ampy Lim.

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