Filipinos celebrate joy and togetherness with TikTok this Christmas


Study finds that Shoppertainment plays a big role in inspiring Philippine holiday traditions

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, is amplifying the spirit of joy, togetherness, and gift-giving by offering a unique opportunity for users, creators, sellers, and brands to connect with one another through Shoppertainment, a content-driven commerce approach that entertains and educates while integrating content and community to create immersive shopping experiences.

“Our family-centric culture of coming together and giving gifts makes Christmas a meaningful time for Pinoys. TikTok complements this by providing not only authentic and entertaining content but also avenues of discovery, exploration, and exciting shopping experiences,” said Life Dawn Cervero, Vertical Head for F&B, Philippines, TikTok. “This holiday season, Shoppertainment has emerged as a game-changer because today’s consumers seek to be delighted online, not just sold to. There is a fundamental shift in consumer-brand interactions, and consumers now seek engaging, exciting, educational, and entertaining experiences with brands.”


Discovery and inspiration platform

A commissioned study conducted by Toluna on consumer behavior during Mega Sales finds that 99% of TikTok users look forward to ticking off their Christmas gift lists and shopping for their family, friends, and themselves. Ninety-four percent of Filipinos plan to spend more time on TikTok this year, with 70% looking for Christmas inspiration, 63% to see how Christmas is celebrated around the world, and 56% to stay connected with family and friends. In fact, TikTok’s For You Page accelerates product discovery and purchase, with top hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt with 60 billion views, #holiday with 30.5 billion views, #GiftIdeas with 15.8 billion views, #BudolFinds with 5.4 billion views and #giftwrapping with 2.2 billion views worldwide.

The study also highlights the immense potential for brands and marketers to convert online customers into shoppers. Through creative and captivating content on TikTok, brands are able to accelerate product discovery, connect with potential customers, and create an engaging and immersive gift-shopping experience. This is seen in how 97% of TikTok users took action during the Mega Sales season after watching ads on TikTok. Among these users, 61% cite reviews and testimonials by other users as among the entertaining content that triggers the most Add to Cart response, while 1 in 2 are enticed by limited-time offers.

The Mega Sales season, which coincides with the “ber” season, is the best time to leverage Shoppertainment,” said Cervero. “From discovery to purchase, the platform triggers desirability and action, and this peaks in December, where as much as 70% of Filipino TikTok users made an online purchase last year.”


Category movers

The study offers promising insights into Filipino consumer behaviors, particularly in the top product categories of Beauty & Fashion, Consumer Electronics, and Food & Beverage.

In the Beauty and Fashion space, 88% of consumers turn to TikTok to look for fashion and beauty inspiration during the holiday season, while 62% purchase fashion-related products and 51% shop for beauty products as a result of the content they see on TikTok.

Moreover, the TikTok study also reveals that users intend to pamper themselves and dress up more than usual, with 46% planning to spend more on Beauty and Skincare products, and 48% on Fashion and Accessories. The #beautyph and #TikTokFashion hashtags alone have amassed 1.6 billion and 73.2 billion views, respectively, on the platform.

For Consumer Electronics, Christmas is a prominent sales period and an opportunity to upgrade. Three out of five Tiktok users are planning to buy electronics this season, with 71% saying they intend to make purchases for themselves.

With holiday feasting and cooking in full swing, TikTok is also the place to discover Food and Beverage inspiration for gatherings with family and friends, according to 53% of Filipino users who turn to the platform for Christmas recipes. More so, 82% of users say they went on to try a recipe or a hack they saw on the platform during this festive season, turning to #tiktokfood which has generated over 140 billion views.


Leveraging the Shoppertainment Advantage:

Businesses of all sizes can leverage Shoppertainment to connect with millions of active users celebrating with the community on TikTok during Christmas and New Year’s.

  • Tap the full Christmas season festive moments by:
    • Leveraging Shoppertainment and inspiring consumers when they are prepping for the festive season;
    • Owning big moments and capturing demand when consumers are prioritizing purchases for holiday celebrations,
    • Tapping into the festive spirit and celebrating with the community on TikTok during Christmas and New Year’s.

Adopt a full funnel strategy by leveraging on TikTok’s creator partnerships, advertising solutions, and TikTok Shop to create a seamless shopping experience.


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