Success story: A life was saved on Citizen Pinoy this Sunday

SEE HOW A LIFE WAS SAVED ON A BRAND-NEW SUCCESS STORY OF CITIZEN PINOY THIS SUNDAY! Janice (bottom photo) was diagnosed with myelofibrosis and was in desperate need of a critically urgent stem cell transplant. Her sister, Jerrimee (top photo, center), who is in Cavite in the Philippines, is the perfect match. However, the U.S. Embassy refused her application for a medical visa. Desperate, Janice’s husband, Jeff, took to Facebook and was posting and pleading in hopes that the U.S. Embassy would see the urgency and grant Jerrimee her visa. The pleas on social media reached leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel (top photo, right), who was able to file for Humanitarian Parole and had the process expedited. Watch this life-saving success story on a brand-new episode of “Citizen Pinoy” on Sunday, June 25 at 6:30 PM PT (9:30 PM ET) through select Cable/Satellite providers, right after TV Patrol Linggo. (Advertising Supplement)

IN an earlier episode of Citizen Pinoy, leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael Gurfinkel helped Allen obtain her fiancée visa through U.S. citizen Wendel, who is now her husband. Since then, Allen has become a U.S. citizen herself, and she petitioned her parents. Nanay had no problem with her case. But Tatay Florentino encountered several obstacles when the family tried to handle it themselves.

He had worked in Iraq, which created issues. He also had to go through three sputum tests. But most importantly, his NBI records showed a criminal matter and arrest warrant from over 40 years ago.

Janice, a frontliner from Florida who dedicated her life saving others, now needed a life-saving bone marrow transplant for herself.

Apparently, the arrest warrant was issued against Tatay Florentino for the traffic violation of having a broken taillight, which he never had the chance to take care of.

Consequently, he pled guilty for the offense charged and paid the P8 fine. He thought the case had been settled, until it surfaced some 40 years later, preventing him from joining his family in the U.S.

Atty. Michael J. Gurfinkel (left) was able to acquire a Humanitarian Parole visa for Jerrimee (3rd from left) so she can donate her bone marrow to her sister, Janice.

Lost records and damaged files due to fire, flood, or termites did not help Tatay Florentino’s case either. Fortunately, Atty. Gurfinkel handled the case, gathering documents and requesting court records, and guiding the client every step of the way, until his visa was finally issued.

Watch this success story on an encore episode of “Citizen Pinoy” on Sunday, June 18 at 6:30 PM PT (9:30 PM ET) through select Cable/Satellite providers, right after TV Patrol Linggo. Citizen Pinoy is also available on iWantTFC. Viewers may download the free app.

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