Experiencing Suzuya Patisserie & Café

by Gloria T. Caoile

Suzuya Patisserie & Cafe, a family-owned, Japanese-inspired bakery, is opening a new café on S. Wynn Street. The owners, Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike, partnered with Elevate Hospitality Group, a Filipino-owned company, to make this location a reality. I was lucky enough to attend a sneak preview. I found myself thoroughly enchanted by the experience. From the outset, I can say with confidence – I love this place!

The ambiance of Suzuya is both inviting and charming. You have the option to sit inside or enjoy their delightful pet-friendly outdoor patio. The patio is particularly noteworthy, equipped with mist sprinklers to provide a refreshing respite from the Las Vegas desert sun. It’s a perfect spot to relax and savor your treats.

Coming from a Filipino background, my palate is accustomed to sweet desserts. However, as I’ve aged, I’ve aimed to reduce my sugar intake. Suzuya offers the perfect solution to this endeavor. Their cakes and pastries are a harmonious blend of light sweetness and airy textures, emblematic of Japanese culinary finesse. The desserts are not overly sweet but just right, making them a joy to indulge in without feeling guilty.

Beyond the cakes and pastries, Suzuya also serves sandwiches. I tried the egg sando sandwich on Shokupan bread, generously slathered with Japanese mayonnaise. Each bite was a delightful combination of flavors and textures, making it an unforgettable experience.

The cafe is helmed by Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike, who prioritize freshness and quality in their products. Their dedication extends to their professional staff, who are friendly and exemplify exceptional customer service. The team’s commitment to these values creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience.

Suzuya Patisserie & Cafe is more than just a bakery; it’s a gem in our community. The inspiring values upheld by Chef Misuzu and Chef Mike, coupled with the excellent culinary offerings, make this cafe a standout. I am already looking forward to my next visit.


Suzuya Patisserie & Café, 3500 Wynn Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103.

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