Gold House launches first-ever Gold List for Top Asian Achievements in television ahead of awards voting period

Gold House debuted its inaugural Gold List to honor outstanding achievements in television by Asian creatives in the past year, as the voting period for the 76th Emmy Awards opens. The Gold List winners were voted on by Asian Pacific leaders in entertainment. Notable honorees include Shogun (including wins for Hiroyuki Sanada and Anna Sawai), Expats, The Sympathizer, Greta Lee, and Bowen Yang.

In the 75-year history of the Primetime Emmy Awards, only 1.1% of awards have been awarded to Asian creatives or Asian-led projects. However, over the past year, television projects led by Asian creatives in front of and behind the cameras have skyrocketed in popularity with audiences and critics alike. Asian-led shows broke records for the most-watched Netflix show globally in the second half of 2023 (One Piece) and the most-watched FX premiere ever on Hulu (Shogun), while Beef swept at the 75th Emmy Awards with historic wins for creator Lee Sung Jin and stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun.

After years of success advocating for due recognition for Asian Pacific creativity in film via the Gold List—which spotlighted films including Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Boy and the Heron, RRR, Minari, Parasite and many more that went on to historic wins and nominations at the Academy Awards—Gold House is thrilled to expand this movement to bring attention to Asian Pacific excellence in television. In its first edition, the Gold List for television spans 7 categories, focused on select categories to honor outstanding shows, creators, and performances.

Deftly blending critical acclaim with its commercial success, Shogun dominated across categories, winning for Outstanding Series, Outstanding Lead Performance (Anna Sawai and Hiroyuki Sanada), Outstanding Directing (Hiromi Kamata, Takeshi Fukunaga), and Outstanding Writing (Rachel Kondo, Emily Yoshida, Maegan Houang, Justin Marks) and receiving honorable mentions of supporting performances from Fumi Nikaido, Moeka Hoshi, and Tadanobu Asano.

“I am deeply honored to be selected in the inaugural TV Gold List for my role in Shogun. This recognition is particularly special as it marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in celebrating excellence in television. Working on Shogun has been a profound and enriching experience, and I am incredibly proud of the dedication and passion that everyone involved has brought to this project. It is a privilege to share our culture with the world and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring such a significant story to life,” said Sanada, star and producer of Shogun.

Other winners include fan favorites Greta Lee and Bowen Yang for Outstanding Supporting Performance in The Morning Show and SNL, respectively. Blue Eye Samurai won for Outstanding Animated Program, and Quiz Lady received top honors for Outstanding Made for Television Movie.

The Sympathizer and Expats both received the second-highest number of accolades, including for The Sympathizer, Honorable Mentions for Outstanding Television Show, Outstanding Directing (Park Chan-wook), Outstanding Lead Performance (Hoa Xuande), Outstanding Supporting Performance (Sandra Oh); and for Expats, Honorable Mentions for Outstanding Television Show, Outstanding Directing (Lulu Wang), Outstanding Writing (Lulu Wang, Vera Miao, Gursimran Sandhu, Janice Y.K. Lee), and Outstanding Supporting Performance (Sarayu Blue).

In addition to Xuande, a number of rising Asian stars received Honorable Mentions in the acting categories, including Ambika Mod (One Day) and Ji-young Yoo (Expats), demonstrating the incredible opportunity for future canon-defining performances. As well, luminaries from the Asian community received recognition for their leading roles—Maya Erksine in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Utkarsh Ambudkar in Ghosts—and supporting performances—Academy Award winner Ke Huy Quan in Loki and Sarayu Blue in Expats.

Other television shows and movies that were honored on the Gold List include 3 Body Problem, Invincible, Love in Taipei, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Under the Bridge, and World’s Best.

“Asian stories and talent have undeniably taken center stage this year, showcasing a remarkable breadth of narratives and performances that resonate across broad audiences. With an array of outstanding shows gracing our screens, the expansion of the Gold List to television categories is a testament to the rich diversity and excellence within the industry. We’re excited to honor both established icons and rising stars, and hope that all receive deserved recognition from the wider industry for their work,” said Tiffany Chao, Head of Entertainment and Media at Gold House.

Spotlighting Asian talent during the awards race serves as an extension of the critical cultural consultation and research, next-generation talent fellowships, and groundbreaking #GoldOpen movement from Gold House to ensure due recognition for affirming an authentic portrayal of Asian Pacific stories, in addition to record-breaking successes.

The full list of Gold List selections are below:

Outstanding Series

Winner: Shogun

Honorable Mentions: 3 Body Problem, Expats, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Sympathizer, Under the Bridge

Outstanding Directing

Winner: Shogun (Hiromi Kamata, Takeshi Fukunaga)

Honorable Mentions: Expats (Lulu Wang), The Sympathizer (Park Chan-wook)

Outstanding Writing

Winner: Shogun (Rachel Kondo, Emily Yoshida, Maegan Houang, Justin Marks)

Honorable Mentions: 3 Body Problem (Alexander Woo, Madhuri Shekar, David Benioff, DB Weiss), Expats (Lulu Wang, Vera Miao, Gursimran Sandhu, Janice Y.K. Lee)

Outstanding Lead Performance

Winners: Anna Sawai (Shogun); Hiroyuki Sanada (Shogun)

Honorable Mentions: Ambika Mod (One Day); Hoa Xuande (The Sympathizer); Ji-Young Yoo (Expats); Maya Erskine (Mr. And Mrs. Smith); Utkarsh Ambudkar (Ghosts)

Outstanding Supporting Performance

Winners: Bowen Yang (SNL); Greta Lee (The Morning Show)

Honorable Mentions: Fumi Nikaido (Shogun); Ke Huy Quan (Loki); Moeka Hoshi (Shogun); Sandra Oh (The Sympathizer); Sarayu Blue (Expats); Tadanobu Asano (Shogun)

Outstanding Animated Program

Winner: Blue Eye Samurai

Honorable Mentions: Invincible

Outstanding Made for Television Movie

Winner: Quiz Lady

Honorable Mentions: Love in Taipei; World’s Best

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