Shoppedia: The Game Changer in the E-commerce of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines—Shoppedia is thrilled to announce the preview of its new and innovative platform, designed to elevate your shopping experience. Backed up with research and data, Shoppedia is confident to revolutionize your shopping experience.

Mr. Neil La-as Managing Director of Shoppedia and Mr. Prince Allan Sison Managing Partner of Shoppedia with Merchant Partners

Shoppedia is a new ecommerce platform created to be the answer to the key issues faced by Filipino consumers and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the online shopping world. The founder of Shoppedia, Mr. Neil La-as, a profound businessman, aims to innovate the ecommerce industry in the Philippines.

Mr. Neil La-as also has a goal of showcasing the high-quality products of our fellow countrymen  through his platform. He partners with merchants in the country and helps them by showcasing their product through the platform—all free with no cost. He wants to send out a message to the consumers to love our own with the help of Shoppedia.

Mr. Neil La-as Managing Director of Shoppedia

Shoppedia takes pride and integrity in providing advanced functional beauty and other industrial products. Their mission is to provide Filipinos with the best shopping experience aided with high quality products at an affordable price.


With the vision of becoming the leading e-Commerce platform in the Philippines, Shoppedia strives to be recognized for their customer satisfaction, product quality, affordability, and cybersecurity measures. Together with their five pillars: smart shopping, honest platform, efficient services, high quality product photos, and 24/7 customer service; Shoppedia prides itself to stand out among the rest.

The Shoppedia Team

With local home grown people, Shoppedia hopes to reach out to the Filipino market by offering the best products in the Philippines, and also supporting international brands. These are just some of the exciting things you need to look forward to with Shoppedia.

Smart shopping definitely starts here!


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