‘No more fighting’: Mayweather says no to rematch with Pacquiao

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. confirmed that there will be no rematch between him and fellow boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

Stylish and luxurious, he arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) last Tuesday, May 8, and readily answered questions.

“I’m an old man. There’s no more fighting in Floyd Mayweather,” he said, rejecting the possibility of a rematch with Filipino eight-division world boxing champion, Pacquiao.

However, there is one thing Mayweather would like to do with Pacquiao if given the chance — shoot some hoops.

“My love for boxing is like my love for basketball,” the retired boxer said.

Mayweather is currently on a world tour aboard his $3 million Gulfstream IV on a personal mission to meet and greet boxing fans the world over.

“I’m touring the world and embracing my fans, and getting love from around the world. Right now I’m retired,” he said.

The unbeaten world champion boxer has already travelled to Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and now Manila.

He wasted no time and immediately travelled to sun-soaked island of Palawan.

He is currently staying in El Nido’s premier luxury resort in Pangulasian Island along with his friends from the The Money Team (TMT) and Dyan Castillejo.

“It’s been great,” Mayweather said of his visit to the Philippines. “People have been nice, real generous, real respectful, fun, caring. I like it. (Ritchel Mendiola/AJPress)

Ritchel Mendiola

Ritchel Mendiola is a staff writer and reporter for the Asian Journal. You can reach her at [email protected].

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