City of San Diego seeking public input on neighborhood infrastructure projects

Community members urged to share ideas that could determine how money is spent

SAN DIEGO – To achieve more equitable infrastructure investment for all communities, the City of San Diego is asking San Diegans to weigh in on what projects they would like to see prioritized in their neighborhoods. This could include new or improved parks, libraries, streets or sidewalks.

This month, the city’s Planning Department launched a website for its new Infrastructure Prioritization Engagement initiative, which aims to identify which public infrastructure projects are most wanted and needed. As part of the website, community members can take a survey to share what infrastructure projects they’d like to see in their neighborhoods and find out about in-person events where they can also share their ideas with city staff.

“Our city’s infrastructure is not just physical buildings, roads and spaces; it is the essential fabric that connects us to opportunity. It shapes the health, safety, economic vibrancy, environmental well-being and overall quality of life in our neighborhoods,” said Planning Director Heidi Vonblum. “It’s crucial we hear from community members to make sure we are investing equitably and are ensuring the infrastructure is going where it will best meet their needs and improve their lives.”

This all comes after the San Diego City Council adopted updates to Council Policies 800-14 and 000-32 in December. These policies set the guidelines for how Capital Improvements Program (CIP) projects are prioritized and funded, and how engagement with community members occurs. Updates were made to increase public outreach and to the factors that determine how projects are prioritized to fund them more equitably and efficiently.

City staff will annually evaluate infrastructure project ideas for the CIP budget and the Five-Year Capital Infrastructure Planning Outlook, which assists in planning future infrastructure projects, based on funding, operational feasibility, legal requirements, Council input, alignment with existing plans and policies, community input and prioritization factors in Council Policy 800-14. For projects to be considered for this year’s updates, community members must fill out the survey in English or Spanish by July 31. People can request that the survey be translated into other languages.

City staff and partner organizations will continue to engage San Diegans through surveys, workshops and other events, and they welcome input at any time throughout the year.

“The city’s Capital Improvements Program is large and complex, but we recognize that it has a significant impact on the daily lives of residents in every community,” said City Engineer Rania Amen, Director of the Engineering and Capital Projects Department. “Inclusive engagement is critical so we can prioritize and address the most pressing infrastructure needs across the city with the goal of improving equity, public safety, quality of life, effectiveness and efficiency along the way.”

The Infrastructure Prioritization Engagement initiative is part of Equity Forward, a comprehensive approach of evolving policies, plans and processes to create more equitable opportunities and investments in San Diego.

(City of San Diego Release)

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