An ode to growing up Fil-Am: SoCal ice cream brand celebrates Fil-Am History Month with special flavors

Wanderlust Creamery’s lineup of flavors for Filipino American History Month 2021 | Photo courtesy of Wanderlust Creamery/Instagram

As Filipino American History Month is underway, community members are marking the month-long occasion with festivals and tributes to the community’s contributions to the United States. For one ice cream brand in Southern California, this month means unveiling flavors inspired by beloved Filipino ingredients and desserts.

Wanderlust Creamery, which operates five brick-and-mortar locations in Los Angeles County, has rolled out its third annual lineup of 10 flavors from keso and corn lengua de gato to mani milk tkosolate inspired by Choc Nut.

“October’s menu is an ode to all the stuff we loved growing up Filipino American: Halo Halo hold the beans, favorite childhood candies as souvenirs from the homeland, that jiggly tri-colored dessert at every family gathering, every Filipino kid’s favorite cashew butter cake, banana leaf-wrapped sticky rice cakes, and more,” said Adrienne Borlongan, chef and co-founder of Wanderlust Creamery.

Check out the full flavor lineup:

  • Keso + Corn Lengua De Gato: Mais keso reimagined with cheddar ice cream spun with thin & crispy homemade corn lang du chat cookies.
  • Mango Kesocake: mascarpone ice cream swirled with housemade Manila mango jam & buttery graham crumble.
  • Pearl of the Orient: Coconut sampaguita ice cream featuring grass-fed cream and a whisper of coconut milk infused with Philippine Sambac Jasmine
  • Sapin Sapin: A Neapolitan of the signature malted ube, jackfruit and sticky rice ice creams
  • Kapampangan Halo Halo: An ice cream form of the famous Filipino dessert featuring condensed milk, studded with cubes of jackfruit sherbert, swirls of saba banana dulce de leche, coconut sport and crispy “pinipig” rice.
  • Sans Rival: Buttermilk ice cream with pieces of crispy cashew dacquoise.
Mani Milk Tsokolate, a flavor inspired by “Choc*Nut” candy | Photo courtesy of Wanderlust Creamery

Limited edition flavors:

  • Petite Peso Halo Halo (10/1-10/7): In collaboration with Chef Ria Barbosa of Petite Peso, a creamy vegan ice cream laced with guava and passionfruit jams, jackfruit sherbert, housemade oat condensed milk.
  • Palitaw de Yema (10/8-10/14): Yema custard ice cream and sticky rice ice cream swirled together with chewy, sticky, sesame-coconut rice cakes.
  • Abocado Pastillas (10/15-10/21): Creamy simplicity in classic Filipino form: Avocado + grass-fed milk churned into an ice cream swirled with housemade milk jam.
  • Mani Milk Tsokolate (10/22-10/28): Inspired by the iconic “Choc*Nut” Candy, this iteration is a milky chocolate ice cream with pieces of housemade peanut cacao polvoron.

For those who can’t get their scoops at one of the locations, there’s also an option to ship pints nationwide through the Wanderlust website.

Other Filipino-inspired flavors Ube Malted Crunch and Pandan Tres Leches (which was introduced during last year’s Fil-Am History Month) are part of Wanderlust’s signature menu.

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