Boba ice cream debuts at Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats

Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats is launching ube and mango boba ice cream to their menu for a limited time.

FOR a limited time only, Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats is adding ube and mango boba ice cream to their menu. The exclusive menu item will be available in all Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats stores in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Honolulu starting April 16th.

Magnolia’s two most popular ice cream flavors just got even better. It’s the flavors you know and love, but now with boba. For a limited offer, the Halo-Halo Place will now serve Magnolia Boba Ice Cream in ube and mango.

“I am very excited about the limited launch because with the boba trend heightening more than ever, having boba ice cream in a scoop is something different to offer to our customers,” Bryan Robello-Guzman, the retail operations and sales manager at Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats.

The Magnolia Ube and Mango Boba Ice Cream give all boba lovers a new way to enjoy the sweet dessert. According to the Magnolia Ice Cream team, the boba texture is as soft as you would expect from a boba drink.

Starting April 16th, the Magnolia Ube and Mango Boba Ice Cream will be available at Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats locations.

During the weekend launch from April 16th – 18th, buy any Halo Halo and get a FREE keiki scoop of the Magnolia boba ice cream.

For more information on the launch, visit their Instagram, @magnoliaicecreamtreats. Be sure to order through curbside pick-up or for delivery with UBER Eats and Doordash.

Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats is manufactured by parent company, Ramar Foods Corporation.

Locations include Seafood City Las Vegas (3890 S. Maryland Pkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119) and Seafood City, South San Francisco (3573 Callan Blvd., South San Francisco, CA 94080) and four in Hawaii.

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