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Last 21 August 2023 the first ever wall mural painting in Majayjay, Laguna was presented to the community by Ms. Nannette Guinto Amorado, the Founder/CEO of Banahaw Artists Association Inc. (Banahaw) and wife of Majayjay Mayor Romeo Perez Amorado.

The mural measures almost 19 meters long and 3 meters high. The actual painting took about 37 days spread over three months from June to August 2023 and done by 18 Banahaw artists. It took this long due to the unpredictable weather and because most of the members were available only after school hours or on holidays.

The mural painting captures the history of Majayjay right from its earliest days and when it became a town in 1571. It also shows the customs and traditions, such as the town’s festivities. It also presents how prayerful Majayjayens are, showing the historic Catholic church, the image of St. Gregory the Great and that of Nuestra Seňora dela Porteria which one sees as one enters the town of Majayjay. The mural shows how industrious Majayjayens are, with the farmers on horses or on foot, and presenting all the produce (vegetables and fruits and related products) and showing how the quality of vegetables are being checked before these are delivered to buyers. It also shows the vegetable plantation, the trees, birds, and animals seen in Majayjay forest. The mural painting captures the main tourist spots, such as the Taytay Falls, Bukal Falls, Tulay Pige (unfinished bridge during the Spanish era) and Tulay Pook (hanging bridge). And of course, at the center of the mural is Mt. Banahaw, as the town of Majayjay sits right at the foot of this mystical mountain. The mural will be another landmark and another tourist attraction of Majayjay.

Just looking at the Majayjay Mural, one can feel so much joy and positive energy. For sure, it will be a good conversation piece even for generations to come. The Majayjay Mural is the second of the two major projects of Banahaw this year. The other one was the 3D Street Art along Regidor Street, another first in Majayjay, which caught the attention of the regional and national television network (GMA Channel 7) sometime in March 2023. These two Banahaw projects were sponsored by Davies Paints Philippines.

The blessing of the Majayjay Mural last 21 August 2023 was officiated by Rev. Msgr. Melchor Barcenas, Parish Priest of St. Gregory the Great Parish. The guest speaker, Mr. Mario Nombrado, a self-made local historian, narrated the meaningful events in Majayjay, some of which were captured in the mural.  Mayor Romy Amorado and Vice Mayor Ariel Argaňosa also gave inspirational remarks. Mayor Amorado has been very supportive as his office cleaned and prepared the wall, provided additional paints and overhead solar lamps, and is now turning the mural site into a Mural Park.

Banahaw is a non-stock, non-profit organization approved by the Securities Exchange Commission on 29 August 2022. It was established to contribute to the human, economic and social development of Majayjay through arts and culture; to motivate and inspire all Majayjay artists, young and old, to create excellent works of art in various forms; and to empower all types of Majayjay artists to work together towards making Majayjay a better place to live in and visit. Joining Mayora Nannette in carrying out Banahaw’s vision and mission are five dedicated officers, namely Charmilene Esquillo (President), Juliana Narra (Vice President), Calvert Sobreviňas (Corporate Secretary), Jimuel Miraber (Chief Finance Officer) and Freya Javier Jocson (Internal Auditor).  Currently, Banahaw has 23 members.

The art group, Banahaw, has a theme song “Kulay ang Bubuhay” composed by Jimuel Miraber, which describes how the Banahaw artists are coming together to make Majayjay joyful, using their God-given talents to paint their beautiful dream of a colorful Majayjay.

There will likely be more mural art and street art to come!

  1. Gogogo mayora nannette and the rest of the banahaw artists! Such a nice project and very historical! Good luck to more murals to come

  2. Whst a creatuve and wonderful idea of Mayor Romeo and Mayora Nanette Amorado! Great tourist attraction! Perhaps the first mural in the province of Laguna Will truly be appreciated and loved not only by its netizens but by any tourists. So what are you waiting for? Have fun and visit Majayjay, Laguna! Good job Banahaw artists!

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