GACCE’s “Allegories”: Staying true to the story through the arts

Exhibit runs until September 14

Guest of honor former City of Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves (far left) with featured artists Anna Kim, Dr. Bernadette Escalona-Cooper, Roberto Carlos and Michaelangelo Mayo, with visiting guest artist from the Philippines Mildred Realuyo during the exhibit’s opening last Monday, July 23.

A PICTURE or a painting may be inanimate, but it can always tell a whole story.  Even the most abstract painting can be interpreted in so many ways — either by the artist, or by the people who see it. 

With its objective to show the audience the use of symbols or images to communicate a hidden or deeper meaning of an idea or concept, the Global Artists’ Creative Collaboration for Empowerment (GACCE) is inviting everyone to visit its art exhibit entitled, “Allegories” at the Phantom Gallery in Milpitas.  The exhibit opened on Monday, July 23, with former Sity of Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves cutting the ribbon.

An allegory as described in this exhibit is a work of art in which the characters, images, and/or events act as symbols to convey a message. In this exhibit, the images and symbols are expected to teach lessons, explain moral concepts, and show the artist’s views on certain situations or issues representing real-world occurrences. An allegory is a very specific type of story, as it must stay true to the message for the entirety of the story.

GACCE is the first and only Filipino initiated state registered art organization fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Featured artists

Anna Kim with her paintings.

GACCE is proud to feature professional artists, who are not only artistically talented, but also well respected in the art and academic community.

Anna Kim – Arts graduate, an impressionist, resident artist of The Alameda Artwork Studios-the largest hub of Bay Area Artists. She is known for her floating floras and other objects of interest.

Dr. Bernadette Escalona-Cooper with her art pieces.

Dr. Bernadette Escalona-Cooper, BFA, M.A. and Ed.D – an eclectic-impressionist, veteran artist, Chairman and Founder of GACCE, a seasoned educator, art professor, researcher and likewise a resident artist of The Alameda Artwork Studios. She is known for her metaphoric rendition of subject matters from floras to human interest themes that generate conversations of phenomena.

Michelangelo Mayo – Arts graduate, a seasoned print artist who started interest in art at the age of 7 years old whose style is a juxtaposition of prints, image transfer and acrylic in-lay of colors. His subjects depict lucid meanings of interweaved elements of art.

Michaelangelo Mayo with his works.
Roberto Carlos with his piece.

Roberto Carlos, BFA – Graphics, a veteran graphic artist and photographer, President of GACCE, and Adjunct Instructor of Fresno Community College. His subjects describe experiences and inherent qualities of nature and human expressions.

These artists envisioned symbols as important components in conveying messages and believes that visual communications are crucial to bringing about opinions. This exhibit was shown in congruence to GACCE’s vision of integrating art towards multicultural community building promoting social justice and equity. It is hoped that it reaches as much wider audience as possible.

GACCE’s “Allegories” exhibit is open to the public until September 14, 2018 at the Milpitas Community Center, 457 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milipitas. 

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