New York Fashion Week brings Filipino designers to the global spotlight

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New York Fashion Week once again brings together top designers, models, celebrities, and performers for a jam-packed fashion show. Fashion Industry insiders, prominent figures, top brands, influencers, and celebrities take part in a much-awaited fashion season. Seeing everyone dressed up to the nines at such events is always a treat, and there are always some jaw-dropping fashion moments that every fashionista, trend-setter, and style enthusiast is waiting for.

Throughout the week of fashion, Filipino designers are making their presence felt and attracting a lot of attention from international fashion figures.

Two of them were Global Fashion Icon Michael Cinco, and Hollywood Fashion Star Alexis Monsanto mesmerized the fashion week faithful with back-to-back runway shows. Set in a Gothic church interior in the heart of Manhattan, New York, themed around a galactic universe theme, surrounded by beams of light and state-of-the-art 3rd presentation. Monsanto and Cinco took audiences on an immersive experience as they showcased timeless styles, fashion, and tradition.

The Opening Billboard set the scene for a much-anticipated event with its spectacular and dramatic visuals. TOFA President Elton Lugay, along with Vicente Gesmundo and Lowel Magan of LX2 Entertainment gave warm welcome speeches to the audience.

As anticipation grew among the crowds, Monsanto debuted his delightful, sweet-tantalizing Sugary Confections Collection. Inspired by muse Audrey Hepburn from the movie Sabrina the cuts are very 50s and ultra-feminine, luxuriously soft, with slim waistlines and full-big hips. Colors and textures resemble confectionary delights like French macaroons, which are delightfully decadent, fancy, creamy, and silky. The smooth fabrics are effortless and luxurious, exquisitely embellished with minimalist ornamentation, adding a sense of sexiness and sophistication. Furthermore, Monsanto also displayed his custom floral prints in Poi de Soie & Mikado fabrics, which were visible throughout his pants, suits, and jacket pieces. Monsanto attributed his love of flowers to his childhood memories of his mother’s garden, the influence of which transcended his designs.

His NYFW runway show attempts to transport the audience to a different era and time through the storytelling of his creation. The looks started with a lovely model rocking an eye-catching onesie with a jacket and knee-high boots, which set the tone for the rest of the collection. The elegant blush pink sunburst long gown with ostrich feather capelet stole the show as his lovely model twirled and glided down the runway. In the following moments, he delighted the crowd with an uneven lemon chiffon sunburst with high collar trapeze top over a pair of cream silk cigarette pants. It was a moment of awe that filled the air. Known for his exquisite designs, Monsanto this year’s collection focused on details on skirts, collars, and delicate finishing touches, using his new origami pleated scale design developed in Florence, Italy. Dresses, tops, and shoes are mainly adorned with bows, which give the pieces an ultra-feminine touch. He ended his presentation with so much delight and beauty on the final walk, an homage to Queen Elizabeth showcasing the fan-shaped-pleated French tulle fabric layering the gradient of champagne, mauve, and lilac very royal colors embellished with a minimalist French tulle braided belt that was so regal.

Quite a spectacular show. Once again, Monsanto captured the audience’s attention, evoking different emotions from the crowd at different stages of fascination. Following the final vow, he was showered with flowers by the audience as a sign of appreciation. There was no doubt that his presentation captured the admiration and the hearts of the spectators and the people of New York.

The event was presented by New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Heart Fashion and in association by TOFA , VYNZ MUSYK and LX2 Entertainment, Under the direction of Christian Reasonda, with the collaboration of Jewelry designer Charlie Lapson and shoes by Jojo Bragais. Also in support were Geoffrey Jimenez Corporation, Video creative production by Ben Jehoshua of Imageline Music by Kevin DeKimpe,

Monsanto extends his sincere appreciation to TGM Group of Companies Tommie Mopia, Garth Garcia, Glenna Jackson, Vine8WineMerchants, Bradford Adkins, JB Adkins, DC Medical Services, Ody Claravall, MD, Jona Claravall MD, Alex Villacastin MD, Zim Lovern, JB Leonardo, Dion Trinidad , Romar Laggui Malabug , Jude Jowilson, Yale de los Santos , Tadeo Paras, Theresa Guck, and Joyce Jameson of Uncle Scott Global Productions.

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