A success story for crewmen!: Overstayed crew-member obtains immigrant visa in Manila, through Obama-era provisional waiver regulation, on CITIZEN PINOY this Sunday, Jan. 15

“Attorney-of-Last-Hope” Michael J. Gurfinkel (right) helped overstayed crew member get a visa on an encore success story of CITIZEN PINOY this Sunday!

Julie came to the U.S. as a crew member in 2004 and overstayed, leaving her eight-year-old daughter, Jolina, back in the Philippines. The years of separation broke Julie’s heart, but she believed her sacrifice would help build a better future for her daughter.

Julie had been watching “Citizen Pinoy” and she knew that the “Attorney-of-Last-Hope” Michael J. Gurfinkel might be able to help her. She had been consulting with him in January 2008, August 2013, and January 2016 before the priority date on her mother’s petition became current.

A change in the law that Julie had been praying for happened when then President Obama issued the Provisional Waiver regulation in 2016, enabling Julie to avoid the 10-year bar if she left the U.S. for her visa.

When her mother’s petition became current, she was able to file for and get her provisional waiver approved. Despite several hurdles, including the delays due to the pandemic, the embassy interview was finally set.

Although the U.S. Embassy gave her a challenging time with multiple interviews and additional requirements, Julie was still able to get her visa issued in September 2022 without being charged with fraud or requiring a fraud waiver. She was also able to bring her now 26-year-old daughter, Jolina, to the U.S. with her under the Child Status Protection Act..

Watch this success story on an encore episode of CITIZEN PINOY – this Sunday at 6:30 PM PT (9:30 PM ET) through select Cable/Satellite providers, right after TV Patrol Linggo. Citizen Pinoy is also available on iWantTFC. Viewers may download the free app.

Atty. Michael Gurfinkel

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