The Filipino-American Organization of Metropolitan Omaha

THE Filipino-American Organization of Metropolitan Omaha is more than just a Fil-Am organization, we are a community.

We have several events throughout the year including the Christmas Party for the kids and for the entire organization. We have an Easter Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt for the children. A yearly Friendship Picnic, where everyone is encouraged to come out to the lake and enjoy the fresh air and companionship of our community, and many other events throughout the year. All are welcomed to our events. If you’re a member of our organization, would like to become a member, or would just like to check us out, please come and participate.

The Fil-Am Omaha participates in several events throughout the year (including the Metro Tech International Fair) that promotes Filipino customs, provides cultural awareness by performing native dances (watching the children dance the Tinikling is always a favorite), displays native arts and crafts and models native dress and clothing.

The Fil-Am Omaha welcomes new members. We are excited to have new members join our community and love to see these members attend our events. It’s the new members that make our community strong. If you are new to Omaha and the surrounding area, we would love for you to be part of our community. Our events are listed on the Events page, and if you have any questions or comments, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for looking at our web site, and we hope to see you at future events.

The Filipino-American Organization of Metropolitan Omaha, Inc. is chartered and registered as a 501(c)(3) organization. We rely on funding from private individuals, foundations, grants and corporations.


The Fil-Am was formed on or about 1976. Several Filipino-Americans from Omaha and the metropolitan area joined to pursue civic, cultural, social, and other related activities. The Fil-Am is a family oriented organization, focusing on traditional Filipino culture as well as Western culture. Throughout the history of the organization, two groups have emerged; Seniors and the Youth Groups. However, participation is not confined to age. The Fil-Am strives to serve individuals of all ages. The Youth Group was formally organized in 1992. The Youth Group is involved in many local events and activities. Majority of the Fil-Am activities are potluck which presents a good opportunity to introduce and share traditional Filipino cuisines. The friendly atmosphere of the organization permeates the Filipino-American community and brings the community together to enjoy the Filipino culture. The organization frequently participates in cultural events throughout the community, including the annual Ethnic Folklore Festival in Omaha where dancers perform native Philippine folk dances.

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