Fil-American Association of Central Texas (FAACT)

THE Fil-American Association of Central Texas is an association of individuals and families of Filipino and American heritage organized to project the “Filipino image” by participating in cultural and civic affairs; foster harmonious relationship among its members through social activities; organize social functions for all ages; promote social welfare in support of its members; and welcome and assist Filipino-American newcomers to the Central Texas area.

FAACT Officers 2009-2011

President – Gloria Lopez
1st Vice President – Victor Guillermo
2nd Vice President – Helen Cayetano
Secretary- Alice Ricky
Asst. Secretary – Violeta Bussell, Norma Rios
Treasurer – Betty Sion
Asst. Treasurers- Visia Carandang, Merry Deocariza
Auditor – Buena Olarte
Asst. Auditors – Marcelo Cayetano
Property Book Officer – Pablo Carandang
Asst. Property Book Officers – Larry Morris, Mark Castro
Public Relations Officers:
Famie Guillermo
Emma Lagpacan
Flor Medrano
Erlinda Miller
Edith Natividad
Cathy Santiago
Sgt. At Arms:
Eddie Abrazado
Rey Ellazar
Jerry Fernandez
Eduardo Hinahon
Rogel Lagpacan
Frank Lagunero
Rudy Sanchez
Greg Valdez

Deputy Sheriff – Wayne Williams
Editor-in-Chief – Araceli Camba
News Editor – Leonard Lazarte
Advocate – Ely Arzaga
Board of Advisors:
Araceli Camba
Ellie Carpio
Conrad Deocariza
Bobby Madayag
Elsie Pascua
Ralf Petrucelli
Honofre Santiago
Joe Sion

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