Rhythm of Hope brings Fil-Am talent together for a worthy cause 

Rhythm of Hope promises to be the concert of the year, not only because of its long list of A-lister performers, but more so because of its worthy beneficiary.

Lighthouse is a non-profit organization out of Los Angeles, which serves as a resource center for victims of domestic violence.

Wendy Lindo, a healthcare worker turned producer, said, “This concert had to have the best of the best because we wanted to make sure our donors got value for their significant contribution.”

Speaking with Lighthouse Founder and CEO Uleyma Weerakody, she had this to say: “I watched my mother be physically abused by my then-stepfather for a very long time. She finally decided to leave him when I intervened and he almost hit me too. So yes, this is personal for me. I swore no one would ever have to go through this if I can help it.”

Ms. Weerakody added that Lighthouse is the first step into a full program for anyone who is a victim of abuse hoping to find refuge and or temporary shelter. Lighthouse provides food, clothing and occasional bridge financing for basics to anyone who finally decides to take a hold of their future. She emphasized that the usual strategy of an alleged aggressor is to keep the partner hostage by cutting off any form of financial support. This becomes extremely difficult for a mother with children most specially, to simply walk away. There is also that matter of confused labeling of one’s feeling of a debt of gratitude to a partner and mistaking it for love. This reality is popularized by a song sung by Tina Turner aptly entitled “What’s Love Got to Do with it.”

Rhythm of Hope is what happens when two empowered women with good hearts decide to collaborate. “Wendy Lindo and I met when we were both candidates for the Mrs USA Pageant competition by Virgelia Productions.”

LA’s Prince of Pop Garth Garcia, a director of the Asian American Press Club of the U.S., shares the stage with Wendy Lindo, Tootsie Guevara, Bryan Termulp, Janice Javier, Juls King, Felson Palad, Hazel Velasco, Sarah Nolan, Jeremy Layug, Jel Parina, Jojo Riguerra and Katrina Dimaranan.

As producer Wendy Lindo stated “In a fractured world, we need a little bit of music and dancing and certainly a lot of Hope, Love and Resilience to prevail.”

The Asian American Press Club of the U.S. and the Asian Journal are media sponsors of this worthy endeavor. For more ticket information and or last minute sponsorship interest, call Wendy at 909-964-1496 or Dave at 818-235-8517.

Rhythm of Hope will be held on Sunday, Oct. 15 at 7:30 p.m. at The QD Venue (7722 Garden Grove Blvd., Westminster, CA 92683).



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