Sacrifice, care and love: the Filipino women on the front lines during these challenging times

As International Women’s Month comes to an end, WorldRemit wants to recognize and honor the incredible Filipino women who offer their selfless service as doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, emergency medical personnel and caregivers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that many Filipino women will be working tirelessly to support victims of the virus amid an overwhelmed healthcare industry. With the number of active cases exceeding 300,000 worldwide, health care workers will be on the front lines in the face of a national crisis facing the American health system.

With women making up 58% of the Filipino immigrant population overseas (according to the Commission on Filipinos Overseas), and 4% of practicing nurses in the U.S. being Filipino, Filipino women are an integral part of America’s internationally educated healthcare workers.

Many of these Filipino women across America will continue to work and support their families and loved ones, despite the difficulties brought on by the pandemic continuing to send money back home to support their extended families in coping with the impact of the pandemic in the Philippines. WorldRemit is honored to help these women at this crucial time, providing a fast, convenient, and secure money transfer service.

International Women’s Month celebrates all women across the world, and as we continue to battle a global pandemic, we want to observe the Filipino women on the front lines. We acknowledge the hard work and personal sacrifices these women will undertake in the upcoming weeks and months. We honor you, we thank you and we support you.

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