18 more Filipinos abroad contract COVID-19

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

EIGHTEEN additional cases of the coronavirus among overseas Filipinos were recorded by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Monday, December 7, bringing the total number of infections to 11,692.

The agency also logged 12 new recoveries, raising the official number of recovered and discharged patients to 7,577.

The death toll likewise increased with one new fatality reported by the DFA. It now stands at 847.

“Today, the DFA reports one new fatality from COVID-19 among our nationals in the Americas. Meanwhile, 18 new confirmed cases and 12 new recoveries were recorded in Asia and the Pacific,” the agency said.

Last week, the DFA clarified that 72 of the confirmed COVID-19 cases were not Filipinos and removed them from its count. A previously confirmed death in Europe was likewise corrected.

Overall by region, Europe – which comprises 19 countries – has recorded 1,414 Filipino cases, including 308 undergoing treatment, 1,010 recoveries and 96 deaths.

The Middle East and Africa, covering 32 countries, has reported 7,544 cases; of which, 2,334 are undergoing treatment, 553 deaths and 4,657 recoveries.

The Asia Pacific region, which spans across 21 countries, has 1,965 cases, with 567 undergoing treatment, 1,389 recoveries, and nine deaths.

The Americas – covering 10 countries like the United States – have 769 reported cases, with 59 undergoing treatment, 521 recoveries, and 189 deaths.

“The DFA, together with its Foreign Service Posts, continues to partner with host governments to ensure the safety and well-being of Filipino nationals abroad amidst the pandemic,” said the DFA.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, there are a total of 441,399 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 8,572 fatalities and 408,702 recoveries.

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