City of San Diego to receive $29.9M to address homelessness

Largest-ever allocation from state grant program will support shelter operations, safe parking programs, outreach and housing assistance

SAN DIEGO – The City of San Diego will continue tackling homelessness by supporting shelter space, outreach efforts and housing programs thanks to an additional $29.9 million grant allocation from the State of California. The California State Legislature made the money available through the latest round of funding from the Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Program (HHAP-5).

The city’s Homelessness Strategies and Solutions Department (HSSD) worked in collaboration with the County of San Diego and Regional Task Force on Homelessness, which will also be receiving their own allocations, to prepare a joint application. Of the $29.9 million allocated to the city, $4.5 million is being proposed for prevention and shelter diversion, with $17.4 million for interim housing options and $3 million for street outreach. An additional nearly $3 million is proposed specifically for continued interim housing for youth.

HSSD staff was present their proposed funding application to the City Council for approval last Tuesday, February 27. San Diegans are encouraged to tune into the City Council meeting and provide their input on the plan.

This year’s $29.9 million allocation is the largest award the city has received from the state’s HHAP grant.

“I want to thank the California State Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom for their partnership in recognizing the value of San Diego’s homelessness programs and the continued need for ongoing funding to make meaningful progress in getting people off the street,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “Our HHAP allocation this year will help shelter thousands of San Diegans as we work to end their homelessness and prevent others from falling into it.”

The previous round of HHAP funding saw $22.5 million allocated for the city’s homelessness response. Since 2018 the city has relied on the grants for a significant increase in city-funded homeless services. That includes shelter bed expansion, safe parking programs, outreach and rapid-rehousing programs – among others. HHAP funding also helps protect the city’s General Fund.

California Big City Mayors – a bipartisan coalition of mayors across California’s 13 largest cities chaired by Mayor Gloria – has made advocating for ongoing, permanent funding for HHAP its top priority. California’s big cities have funded nearly 16,000 beds with HHAP dollars, including 1,700 in the City of San Diego. Mayor Gloria, through his leadership of the California Big City Mayors coalition, is actively advocating for a sixth round of HHAP this year and calling to make the funding source permanent.

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