Deputy Sheriff Samuel Curameng Jr: Protecting and serving the Santa Clarita community

Pictured above is the venue filled with attendees to honor eight Veterans at the 13th Annual Salute to Patriots held by the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce.

On Wednesday November 9, 2023 the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce held their 13th Annual Salute to Patriots. This event was held to celebrate Veterans that have displayed leadership within the business community and to honor their service within and for the US. One of the honorees was Samuel Curameng Jr., who is a Deputy Sheriff in the City of Santa Clarita. He is also a proud member of the Filipino community.

The Filipino community is known for hard work and dedication to their respective careers. However this hard work not only can be shown in their accomplishments but also in their compassion towards helping others. Deputy Curameng Jr. displayed exactly that when Asian Journal had the chance to speak to him. Immediately upon speaking with him, he is beaming with pride not only in the work he does but also his country, which can be seen through his military service.

“I joined the army right out of high school. I went to boot camp my junior year, came back and then graduated high school,” Curameng Jr. explained, detailing how he finished out the rest of his military training upon graduation.

For eight years Curameng Jr. proudly served the country. After his service, Curameng Jr. came home to a worried mother. “She’s a typical Filipino mom,” he lightheartedly expressed, emphasizing how she wanted for him to make a career change in a less dangerous field.

As a Filipino, Curameng Jr. expressed how his mother immediately asked for him to try nursing, which he agreed to. Seeing as many in the Filipino community turn towards nursing or the medical field as a career choice, he felt it was something he should at least give a try.

Once he gave it a try, he expressed how he learned a lot of things, especially in how he found that he enjoyed helping people. “I ventured out and went into pediatrics and that’s where I met my wife,” Curameng Jr. detailed, showing how his time in the medical field created a major shift in his life.

Curameng Jr. however longed to do something else. He longed to fulfill a dream he had since he was younger. “I had this urge after RN (Registered Nursing) school,” he conveyed, explaining how he had always wondered what it would be like to be a cop.

“I don’t want to be that old guy on my deathbed and wonder about this dream or goal that I wanted to do and wonder if I could have been good at it,” Curameng Jr. emphasized, detailing how after this realization he spoke with his wife about wanting to become a cop.

Pictured are the eight Veterans honored at this year’s event, with fellow Filipino Samuel Curameng Jr. at the utmost right of the group.

Immediately he began working towards reaching this goal and eventually he found his way back to the City of Santa Clarita as to him, it felt like a home away from home. “That’s where I had the opportunity to become a Deputy Sheriff,” Curameng Jr. explained, emphasizing that one of his main goals in becoming a cop is to protect the community.

“I’ve been here for about four years now,” he described, then detailing how his nursing experience has also aided him in the work that he does. “I became a drug recognition expert,” Curameng Jr. declared. He explained how his nursing career has allowed him to adapt to his new career, where he uses his experience to find those who are under the influence while driving or simply out and about. Because of this experience and his time in the field, Curameng Jr. was also entrusted by the city for a special assignment regarding DUIs.

“I’ve been doing it for the last two and a half years now,” he detailed, additionally highlighting his dedication to the job by describing how even after his work hours, he will still go out and protect the community if there is any suspected DUI. “It would hurt me in my heart to know I could have stopped something,” Curameng Jr. expressed, showing his profound care for the community he serves.

“The one thing I can take away and pass down comes from Filipino culture. We’re always hard working. We’re raised to work hard, never give up, and just trust in God,” Curameng Jr. said, his words truly expressing his sincerity in all that he does. He is truly someone that represents the Filipino community well.



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