Sison: Duterte lying about alliance of CPP, LP and Trillanes

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison on Wednesday, September 12, denied the allegations that his group is teaming up with the Liberal Party (LP) and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

“There has never been any discussion between me or the CPP with Trillanes or the Liberal Party about ousting Duterte from power,” Sison said.

However, he claimed that the group welcomes any other institution against the Duterte administration that would pledge their allegiance toward CPP to promote “a broad united front” to oust the president from office as reported by The Philippine Star.

“The broad united front promoted by the CPP against the Duterte tyranny is open to all patriotic forces. But as far as I know, there are yet no talks between the CPP and Trillanes’ group or the Liberal Party,” Sison said.  

Sison also criticized the president for coming up with false accusations that other international countries are monitoring his conversations.

“Duterte is lying and bluffing by claiming that there are recorded conversations provided by a foreign government,” Sison said.

He then urged the president to reveal pieces of evidence that his conversations were being monitored and recorded without his consent.

“I challenge him to present publicly what he claims as recorded conversations,” Sison said.

Sison said that if Duterte provides proof that his conversation was indeed under surveillance, technological experts will have to disclose the falsehood of the leader’s claims.

“The experts will easily expose the fakery if he dares to present anything,” Sison added.

He even compared it to the president’s tirade against his staunch critic – Trillanes claiming that the senator has bank accounts in the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS).

“This could be something like his invented foreign bank accounts of Trillanes,” Sison said.

The communist leader said that Duterte is doing this out of fear that he might be removed from the presidency in the months to come.

“Duterte is now worried to death and so desperate as to imagine that he would be ousted this coming October,” Sison said.

However, he subtly forewarned that the president might not finish his presidential term considering that there is a possibility that the military and police forces might withdraw their support.

“At any rate, Duterte will be lucky if he survives 2018 and even luckier if he survives middle of 2019,” he added.

Duterte clapped back claiming that there was a “friendly” foreign government that uncovered a plot against his presidency and the administration. He also stated that the communist leader should be tried for terrorism.

“Sison should face a trial. Sison is a terrorist, and as a terrorist, I do not see any leeway or enough elbow room for him to move around,” he said.

The conflict between Duterte and Sison began when they hit on each other’s health conditions after they fail to arrive at a consensus within the government and communist members.

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