Recently, the country was once again hit by a calamity. Typhoon Trami, officially named as Maring in the Philippines, was intensified by the southwest monsoon (habagat). The typhoon paralyzed the metropolis, drenched its nearby provinces, destroyed a highway, left damages in crop production, and wiped the homes of many Filipinos. But just like last year’s severe Habagat experience, once more, Filipinos are struggling to get back on their feet.
Hearing victims say “wala na natira sa amin (we don’t have anything left),” is truly heartbreaking. Indeed, it is devastating to lose a home cause by an unexpected natural occurrence. Nevertheless, despite the catastrophe, these flood victims hold on to their faith and that little spark of hope always brings out the best in everything.
We Filipinos are known for being generous, warm and strong-spirited. In times like these, the Filipino compassion prevails. The aftermath of typhoons have drawn flock of volunteers from all walks of life giving assistance in any means possible. Students who are suspended from their classes had devoted their time rendering services and support in evacuation centers. Others went to rescue foundations to help repack relief goods, and sort out donations like clothes and other necessary commodities. Other inspirational stories also includes a young lady, who lived in a high rise apartment, had offered her place as a temporary evacuation center for a few of her neighbors on the lower floors. Few celebrities have also shown heroic deeds by plunging in the raging flood to check on their neighbors and went out to get help for others. And joining rescue operations were surfers who paddled their way through the rampaging floods.
Churches, private corporations, government agencies, medical companies, educational institutions and several other groups are united in providing aid to flood-affected families in Manila and several affected provinces in the Philippines. Drop-off points for relief goods are set up in many public places like restaurants and malls. Local and international foundations and organizations constantly call for support and are steadfast in providing aid and emergency operations. Distance is never an obstacle for our fellow kababayans from all corners of the world as they extend their full support by sending in-kind and cash donations.
In the midst of the calamity, the Filipinos’ true bayanihan spirit lives on. It continues to bring hope and heal the souls of the many victims. The heartwarming acts of generosity shown by Filipinos have become an inspiration to many people across the globe. Despite the tragedies that our country face, together, we always survive as one.


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