Why the roast turned into fried chicken

Blame October’s lunar monsoons orbit last Wednesday.

The much ballyhooed “Roast of the Decade” by no less than the meanest, cruelest, heartless and outrageous troika of Bobby Reyes, Bernardo Bernardo and Ka Larry Pelayo turned out to be a romantic evening for Deputy Consul General Dan Espiritu, whose tour of duty ends this month.

The hapless trio were more fawning than Bambi, worshippers more syrupy than honey, cheerleaders and self-styled apostles, rah, rah, old boys, who humiliated themselves as paper tigers all praises for his dimples, handsomeness, intelligence.

Even emcee Bernie Kimmerle confessed a secret crush and PPP-USA Chairman Jinggoy Hernandez  admitted to coming out of the closet for him.

For the evening’s finale, your roast director had all of them FIRED!

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