Passion for travel

VISITING different places have helped individuals expand their world. Getting away from the usual daily setting can be a good way to end a rough week and a great start for the new week ahead. Traveling has become a lifestyle for most people—both young and old. And in our culture, it is something we, Filipinos, are passionate about.
The Philippine archipelago is recognized for its abundant biodiversity and great culture where every island poses a unique feature. And with that, Filipinos have shown great interest in traveling especially to the many islands of the country. So, what is it about traveling that many of us have grown to love?
Despite its famed tropical setting, the Philippines has also transformed into a well-known cultural destination where tourists come and see the remains of its long and fascinating history—ruins, ancient churches, former battlegrounds and more. Road trips to historical destinations have created cultural awareness and rediscovery of history — few things that make traveling in the country quite interesting for both locals and foreigners. Among the famous heritage places in the country is the Northern Philippines’ Ilocos region, both a leisure and cultural destination known for its remarkable coastlines, geographical rock formations and well-preserved Hispanic settlements.
Apart from local trips, Filipinos have shown their love for travel through many tours and explorations around the world. One of the exciting trips that our fellow kababayans enjoy is a journey to the many beautiful places of Europe. With the Filipino’s religious culture, favorite travels include Catholic tours and pilgrimages. Age is never a hindrance to Filipinos in their senior years who continue to visit places that are witness to miraculous works, like those of Marian shrines and significant landmarks which have been a part of Apostle Paul’s journey. Aside from these, they also indulge in a relaxing kind of voyage where travelers experience the best of both worlds—a cruise, where Baltic and Mediterranean are the top cruise destinations.
Traveling is also an inspiration especially to Illongo native Chef Tony Boy Escalante. His dining experiences around the world have motivated him to put up Antonio’s, a fine-dining restaurant located in the verdant greeneries of Tagaytay. This travel-inspired restaurant is now recognized as one of the best in Asia offering local and international dishes crafted by Filipinos.
To some, the idea of traveling may seem as pure leisure, but voluntourism changed all that. It is a new kind of holiday where one can get a chance to volunteer for a particular cause and make a difference in the community of the destination. It creates bridges and growth opportunities for both locals and the foreign travelers.
Whether a trip to one of the Philippines’ famed islands or to different corners of the world, traveling has already become a significant part of one’s life. Getaways don’t always involve long planning or flying out of the country. Just a quick drive from one city to another or to a nearby tourist destination can give a new, exciting feel for someone who needs a time out. Going to places is also an avenue for individual development where one can immerse in diverse cultures, get acquainted with locals and learn new discoveries.


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