Joining the bandwagon is not a sin

Sometimes, going against the grain makes us look rational, cool, superior even. However, when we veer away from the mainstream, is it because we sincerely cannot appreciate the “usual”? Or are we just afraid to jump on the bandwagon and therefore appear inferior?

They say that Boracay is too mainstream. True, perhaps. Evidenced by the #Laboracay photos which spread in the internet, the place became the most popular beach on the first of May this year. It was so crowded that adding a little exaggeration can make us compare the number of tourists to that of the devotees during Quiapo day.

Poor us if Boracay, being labeled as mainstream, discourages us to visit the place.

For one, we will miss what Mother Earth has to offer.

The au naturel fine white sand beach made Boracay worthy of its name – derived from the native word “borac” meaning “white cotton.” Strolling along the four-kilometer seashore and watching our feet take their form on the talcum-soft sand are unparalleled. The white powder illegally gathered in a bottle by our friends coming back from Boracay can only let us experience the place by 0.0001 per cent.

Then, of course, we have heard about the picture-perfect sunset by the beach. How about the magical moon rise? Yes, it is also a sight to see. Turns out that not everything in Boracay is mainstream, eh?

Whenever we are sickened by the crowd of people we see everywhere, we can just look above. Be filled with amazement, not because of divine intervention (bless us if that happens, though), but by the flock of fruit bats called the “Golden Crowned Flying Foxes” that soar the island occasionally. Mind you, they are endangered; so, we can be lucky enough to witness their excursion.

Second, this tourist spot can bring out the best in us.

Confidence is extracted as we wear our bikinis anywhere! We can eat, shop, party, and do whatever on our daring swim wears and people will not care. Boracay becomes the place where size and color do not matter; the place where you can actually be you.

Finally, we must admit that no matter how the water activities in Boracay appear to be mainstream, we just cannot resist wanting to try them for ourselves. Words and pictures will never be enough to describe the feeling of being under the sun and being in contact with the ocean, of actually being thrown to the air and into the water while riding the “flying fish,” of having the wind kiss our skin during parasailing, and much more.

All these being said, not experiencing Boracay just because we do not want to go with the flow is definitely unjustifiable.

What we need to do is to shut any bias and open ourselves to possibilities. We might just know why it became mainstream – something that made it the most popular.


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