Oktoberfest: a German-legacy overflowing with food, drinks, and merriment

A German-inspired celebration, Oktoberfest was established in 1810 following the unusual marriage of King Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Theresia. The festival is uniquely unusual because the King invited the whole public to attend his wedding and celebrate with him, something that never happened in the past. From then on, the event was celebrated every year not only in Germany but also all over the world where there are Germans. Later other countries adopted it since the occasion has a universal theme, which is getting together to celebrate with a lot of drinking and merry-making.
This year the 180th Oktoberfest kicked off last September 21 and will run through October 6.  Regarded as the world’s largest beer festival, Mayor Christian Ude of Munich tapped the first keg of beer and cried “O’zapft is!” meaning “It’s tapped!” that signaled the serving of countless glasses of beer estimated to reach its 15 millionth count on the last day.
The 16-day beer festival modeled after the Munich event crossed all borders and seas ear-marking the last ten days of September to the first week of October a globally celebrated festivity.
One of the biggest and most visited Oktoberfest festivities outside Germany is along the idyllic streets of Leavenworth, Washington where Bavarian cheers and an overflow of beer predominantly reign supreme for the last fifteen years with the height of the celebration taking place at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, some one hundred fifteen miles east of Seattle.
Cincinnati is billed as the second largest Oktoberfest celebration, after Munich where it originated. There’s always an abundant serving of bratwurst (popular fare made of veal, pork, or beef), scrumptious sauerkraut balls (delicious little sausages), cream puffs, strudel (a type of layered pastry with filling), and much more to feed a huge number of partygoers oftentimes totaling over 500,000 people.
Every Friday and Saturday night of September Heidelberg Park in Glendale, Wisconsin plays host to this eventful German festival. Just ten miles north of Milwaukee, the Munich-modeled Oktoberfest has been considered one of the most popular sites to celebrate the festival in America.
After the place has been pervaded by German immigrants, Mount Angel in Oregon became the site of the Oktoberfest celebration where Bavarian bands, German music and dances, alpine food booths laden with German sausages, chocolate cakes, pretzels and other treats are annually expected to be served.
The Denver Oktoberfest in Denver, Colorado has turned into one of the biggest German-patterned celebrations in the country. Now on its 44th year, the said Oktoberfest has always been highlighted by keg bowling, Long Dog Derby, and Das Hustlef Hoff 5K while simultaneously jam-packed with German-related entertainment.
In the west coast, although with neither alpine landscape nor recreated German village, Oktoberfest by the Bay in San Francisco, California is always one of the most anticipated events of the year. Usually the party is held in Pier 48 and extends up to the long stretch of the seaport area.
Back home in the Philippines, the biggest Oktoberfest festival has always been set along the gourmet district of Quezon City, which is Tomas Morato aside, of course, from equally fun-filled celebrations held in numerous pubs and watering holes all over the country.
Special Edition Press presents 2013 OKTOBER-FESTA
Filipino-Americans this side of the eastern seaboard will never allow such festive event to pass just like any ordinary day without experiencing the very essence of this socially accepted German culture.
A most anticipated Oktoberfest celebration is brewing in New York. Aptly dubbed OKTOBER-FESTA, this celebration touted to be the grandest this side of the east coast is presented by the producers of Fiesta in America, Nanding Mendez’s Special Edition Press, Inc.
Slated on Sunday, October 20, at 1:00 PM at Astoria World Manor (25-22 Astoria Boulevard, Astoria, NY 11102), the significant event promises a fun-filled celebration loaded with lavish buffet, non-stop ballroom dancing, entertainment, prizes and surprises, and of course, a complimentary bottle of your favorite beer.
For an entertaining highlight, international Philippine singing sensation Charice Pempengco, who made her remarkable US debuted in Glee, appeared in Oprah and Ellen Degeneres shows, and has performed on various international stage, headlines the show together with The Voice finalist, Cheesa.
Admittedly, there’s always that unexplainable enticement and momentary thrill one feels in having a bottle of beer while enjoying the sight and sound of an entertaining number. Don’t miss the experience and the fun. Get into the groove. Hop in and join the Oktoberfesta wagon in bringing the spirit of Munich right in New York.
Incidentally, Oktoberfesta has all its reasons to be celebrated with since it also coincides with the producer’s turning another milestone. With that bit of info being divulged, here’s a much grander toast to Nanding’s health and prosperity!
Charice Pempengco: up-close and personal
Incidentally, OKTOBERFESTA’s featured attraction, Charice, hugged the limelight recently not because of a new album release or to promote a new show but her sensationalized public confession regarding her sexual orientation. It came as a shocking revelation that created unprecedented havoc and fear among her circle of followers for the effect it might cause her career.
But for a few broadminded fans and intelligent masses, her upfront admission and coming to terms with her real identity gave Charice the sufficient confidence and self-contentment that actually made her performances more candid and effectively convincing.
If in the past Charice was hailed as a phenomenal singing sensation despite the “cover-up” and fake façade how much more now that she’s been free from “bondage” and could soar limitlessly as her real self?
The inevitable stigma of such brouhaha may just be momentary and the “heat” it created, short-lived. After all, truth could hurt. But that same truth sets her free. She could be wearing her heart on her sleeves at the moment but surely she’s confident that she could weather the storm in time.
Being an A-one performer and dedicated artist, plus the fact that she’s acting her real self, makes Charice one rarely gifted talent worth all the accolades and plaudits she deserves.
And let’s all face it: nobody could argue with success and Charice is bound to stamp her mark, carve a niche, and indelibly etch her name in the annals of the entertainment industry.
With Charice’s facing reality head-on, those who believe in her talent merely shrugged off their shoulders and commented in silence: “Let Charice be who she really is!” while some merely ignored the unjustifiable linear thinking and inconsiderate remarks of the few.
Her coming out wasn’t only a matter of choice but something more serious that would undoubtedly make her act naturally with the personality she was born with.
Christened Charmaine Clarise Relucio Pempengco, it will be recalled that young Charice merely placed third in her first major singing competition, Little Big Star, in 2005 but there was more luck into it than grabbing the top plum. She considered it not a defeat or failure but a challenge, a huge challenge to keep her more driven and prove her worth.
True enough, nobody and nothing could put a good talent down. There was something bigger that awaited her across the seas. It was the popular South Korean talent show, Star King, where she was hailed grand champion. Thanks to the advent of the internet which paved Charice’s path to success much faster and easier.
After her well-publicized appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah shows, Charice shot to fame, captured the world stage and performed together with gigantic celebrities under the masterful management of famed star builder and multi-awarded music maker David Foster. Her being part of David Foster and Friends concert tour made her already glittery moniker even much brighter and her stature at par with Michael Bolton, Natalie Cole, Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, Josh Groban, Neyo, Kenny Loggins, Martina McBride, and Blake Shelton.
In 2010, Charice released her first international self-titled studio album, which instantly hit the # 8 slot and made her the first Asian solo artist in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 Album Chart.
She collaborated with Pinoy-Rican Bruno Mars who wrote the lyrics of her newly released lead single “Before It Explodes,” a cut from her second international studio album, “Infinity.”
To date, nothing seems to have changed for Charice except that she’s no longer pressured concealing her true color and she could move around unmindful of what others would say. With her hands full of assignments and as more offers keep on coming, the petite pop star is more driven to get back into the limelight that was nearly taken away from her following the outburst of her coming out scandal.
Charice is still the same Charice, except the public knows her even better. If there would be any change that would be her being a more accomplished and real artist.
Come to the Oktoberfesta and watch the new Charice and be witness how she has eventually transformed from the teen-bop pop singing sensation to a truly fine and ultimate performer.
Meet Cheesa, the oomph girl of The Voice Season 2
Hawaiian-born Cheesa Laureta, who‘s gifted with powerful windpipes that could reach a couple of extra octaves enough to make a crystal glass or chandelier explode into tiny particles, is currently one hot item in the music scene. Gifted with an electrifying personality, stunning presence, and an incredible talent meant for the global stage, Cheesa is undoubtedly one exciting fresh performer to watch.
Already a phenomenal discovery at the age of four, the Fashion Institute of LA graduate has gradually mastered the art of performing professionally via her constant exposures in parties and events. Cheesa easily captures her audience the moment she enters center stage and starts to sing, effortlessly hitting high notes with matching uniquely delivered melisma.
After being a finalist of the hit American reality show, The Voice Season 2, Cheesa was met with opportunities and a realization that her most magnificent obsession is to be a world-class singer-performer.
Just recently, she, together with Charice, recorded “I’m Not Perfect,” a cut from her maiden album release, “Naked,” that showed her incredible vocal prowess pitting power with the latter’s already established range. That’s how versatile she is!
Suppress not that curiosity and see for yourself the amazing performance Cheesa has prepared for Oktoberfesta attendees on Sunday, October 20 (1:00 PM) at the Astoria World Manor along Astoria Boulevard, Astoria, New York.
In Memory of Milagros “Mila” Beltran Mendez,
How time swiftly passed! It seems just like yesterday when our dear friend Mila Beltran Mendez untimely joined her Creator and bid her our final adieu.
On Sunday, September 29 at 2:00 PM, her family, together with friends and relatives, will be gathered once more to celebrate her first death anniversary with a memorial service to be celebrated by Rev. Fr. Dave Sison and Rev. Fr. Juancho De Leon at  the Saint Vincent De Paul Roman Catholic Church along 979 Avenue C, Bayonne, New Jersey 07002.
Reception will follow at Robinson Hall (lower level of the church) while parking areas are available at the rear of the church and side streets.
For more details and to RSVP, please call Vicie Allam at 212-682-6610, Ogie Afable at 908-447-9293, Rose P. Javier at 201-993-8815, Tet Palencia 201-714-3563, Nanding Mendez at 917-612-8861, or
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