[COLUMN] The countdown to your ‘summer-body’ begins today! Here’s how to get rid of that ‘bra-fat’ in no time

…dealing with bra-fat, love-handles, banana rolls, armpit-fat and those fat around the knees? Ugh! so frustrating, right?… But I know just the best solution for melting those stubborn fats away.”

So you finally decided on making sure you fit right into that shapely, va-va-voom swimsuit for that long-awaited summer get away. Good for you. I totally support you! Now let’s get right down to business. If you want to pull off an attractive summer get-up (yes, those bikini and one-piece sets) then you may have to loose some of those unflattering bulges you’ve been wanting to get rid of for many summers. We are talking bra- fat (that stubborn bulge spilling out of the bra), love handles (cute-but-unwanted for-summer-wear), armpit fat, fats around your thighs and, of course, the “banana rolls” (the crescent-shaped bulge of fat directly underneath the butt cheek). These “bulges” can sometimes spill out of your underwear and potentially ruin your chances of confidently wearing that summer outfit you’ve been dying to wear.

I definitely understand. Dealing with bra-fat, love-handles, banana rolls, armpit-fat and those fat around the knees? Ugh! so frustrating, right? In many of these areas, achieving skin tightening and fat reduction can be very diffcult. And I believe you when you say that it’s hard to naturally reduce fat in this area through exercise and dieting alone.

I say this to my clients: when our body stores fat in hard to reach places, it may seem like a perfectly toned figure is out of reach. You would need a tool that would help sculpt areas of localized fat deposits such as the stomach, love-handles, tops of thighs, banana rolls, bra fat, armpit fat and around the knees.

Now here’s what we can do for you through our Iskin Signature treatments via ISKIN EXION Body.

ISKIN EXION Body Treatment is the perfect remedy for hard-to-reach areas needing fat reduction and skin tightening.  It utilizes monopolar radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound for precise body contouring, permanent fat reduction in those areas that are hard-to-reach – and remedy.

There are two main things that ISKIN EXION Body do very effectively: (1) Skin Laxity Improvement and (2) Localized Fat Reduction. You would see an improvement in your skin as this tool uses a patented combination of Monopolar Radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound addresses production of hyaluronic acid, collagen & elastin to treat skin laxity on the body. It also uses deep dermal heating stimulates the extracellular matrix and enhances skin firmness.

On the other hand, directing heat to fat tissue in hard to reach areas via the integrated active cooling protects the skin and allows for increasing the temperature in the fat tissue to levels leading to fat cell apoptosis resulting to a localized fat reduction.

“Non-invasive, no downtime and  it is FDA-approved”

Exion™ is an FDA-approved radio-frequency / targeted ultra sound device that eliminates fat and improves skin elasticity. Iskin Signature treatments via Exion Body are pain-free so it requires no downtime and it is The best non-surgical way to get rid of unflattering localized fats.

ISKIN EXION Body uses patented monopolar radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen, elastin, and reduce fat. This tightens and firms the skin in the targeted area. ISKIN EXION Body can be combined with other treatments for even better results including our Iskin EmSculpt Neo (but we’ll save that for another column).

As I always remind my clients “beauty and skincare is a lifestyle” And it is good to have somebody who would support you in your body-goals and while were at it, join you in your countdown to a healthier and more vibrant summer-body. I am sure you want more information about how to get this protocol started so I invite you to talk to me and my team at Iskin and/or MiSkin. We provide a customized treatment plan based on your needs and preferences. And we are proud to be one of the registered providers ISKIN EXION Face and Body.

If you are in the LA area, feel free to swing by iSkin Beverly Hills. And if you happen to be in the Inland Empire and Orange County, we have MiSkin Spa for your self-love and self-pampering needs.

For more information you may visit iskinbeverlyhills.com.

Visit iSkin Med Spa and MiSkin MedSpa for a free consultation. iSkin is located at 8665 Wilshire Blvd. Penthouse Beverly Hills ,90211 or call 424-382-1002

MiSkin MedSpa is located at 9227 Haven Ave. Suite 120 in Rancho Cucamonga, 91370 or call 909-9898464.

You may also follow us on social media: @iskinmedspa and @miskinmedspa or watch her Youtube channel that talks about how you can make “beauty a lifestyle,” on “Beauty Talk with Imee.”

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Known to several Filipino-American awarding circles, Imee has been awarded the “Premier in Beauty and Skin Treatment.”  for iSkin Face and Body Spa. She maintains a monthly beauty column on Asian Journal, and a YouTube Channel, “Beauty Talk With Imee.”

Imee Ong-Maghanoy is an established aesthetician, a business owner and CEO of iSkin Beverly Hills, iSkin MedSpa and MiSkin MedSpa. Imee has been in the aesthetics industry for more than 20 years. She has a degree in Biology and Doctor of Dental Medicine. iSkin MedSpa and MiSkin MedSpa are fast emerging as a top spa destination in LA.  iSkin is located at 8665 Wilshire Blvd penthouse Beverly Hills, CA 90211. MiSkin MedSpa is located at 9227 Haven Ave. Suite 120 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91370.

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