[COLUMN] Angelina Cruz says mom Sunshine encourages them to see their dad

Angelina Cruz has just released a new single, “Ayoko Lang.” She revealed to media that she and her sisters have a good relationship with dad Cesar Montano, which is supported by ex-wife Sunshine Cruz. Photo from Instagram/@angelinaisabele

SINGER Angelina Cruz, who will have a new single out soon entitled “Ayoko Lang” (Universal Records), recently bared to reporters that it is their mom, actress Sunshine Cruz, who encourages them to go with their dad Cesar Montano when he invites them out.

In an article on PEP.ph, Angeline revealed that whatever ill feelings existed before when their parents went their separate ways in 2013 and the court battle that ensued have been buried and left in the past. Sunshine and Cesar’s marriage was annulled in 2018.

In fact, Sunshine is the one who encourages her three daughters – Angelina, Samantha and Chesca – to go out with her ex-husband when invites them so that they could do some bonding.

“No communication. That’s not true. We’re on good terms with our dad,” Angelina declared.

“Whenever our dad invites us, our mom pushes us to go [and says], ‘Go out with your dad.’ She doesn’t stop us naman,” she added.

Recently, Cesar and his daughters were seen in an Instagram story where they had dinner to celebrate the birthday of Chesca.

Angelina revealed some of the things that went on during that celebration.

“We were talking. We were going through old photos on his phone. He was showing old photos, [saying], ‘O, do you remember this’?,” Angelina related. “And then we saw one photo. [We all went] O, let’s reenact this. So we did that photo again so that we could put them side-by-side. It was a lot of fun.”

On her singing career, Angelina is excited about her new single.

“I really chose this song because it sounds different from my past song… it’s a different genre,” she said. “I feel with this genre, I want to explore more. This song (Ayoko Lang) is a step closer towards the genre and song that I want to explore and really release.”

“On top of that, the lyrics are so relatable and really resonates with me,” she added.

Additionally, Angelina likes the message that the song imparts – that of moving on.

“I want them to use this song to maybe a way to heal, maybe a way to make them realize that it’s okay to go through tough things, whether it’s in personal relationships or anything really. It’s okay to move on. It’s okay to go through personal things and you will realize that it’s time to love yourself and it’s time to heal,” she explained.

On another topic, Angelina revealed that she is happy about her mom’s love life. Sunshine is currently in a relationship with Macky Mathay

“Whatever will make her happy. I will one hundred percent support it,” Angelina answered when asked about her thoughts if Sunshine and Macky tie the knot. “At the end of the day, it’s her decision. It’s her and Tito Macky’s decision. Whatever makes her happy, my sisters and I, we’ll support it.”

“Like what I’ve said before, [it’s] the way that he (Macky) takes care of Mommy. He really pays attention to details talaga and he really makes her happy. I’m really happy for both of them,” she added.

* * *

Beauty queens MJ Lastismosa Michelle Dee and Rabiya Mateo expressed their opinions recently on the evolving qualities that beauty pageant contestants must possess in order to succeed in pageantry nationally and internationally.

In an article in PEP.ph, the trio revealed that, for one, lack of height is not an impediment nowadays, as well as weight or body size.

“For me, I am happy that when it comes to beauty, it has slowly become more open… When it comes to height, I’m very happy that now there is no height requirement. I remember before at Binibining Pilipinas na grabe talaga kami magsukatan ng height. Kailangan pumasok sa 4-point something, ganun. Pag hindi, ekis talaga, wala,” MJ said, as she illustrated the case of 2016 Miss Canada Siera Bearchell, who penetrated the top 10.

Additionally, MJ would like to see members of the Philippines’ indigenous tribes represent at the national pageant and, perhaps, become the Philippine representative to the larger world pageant.

“They have beautiful stories to share. If they are given the chance at the national stage and to represent the Philippines in the international stage, I’d be happy to see them,” the former Miss Universe Philippines (2014) winner added.

“Aside from height, it’s also weight. At Miss Earth USA, you see different sizes… what they refer to as real beauty. I think it started with me because I was one of the shortest contestants that Miss Universe Philippines sent [to Miss Universe],” Mateo, who was 2020 Miss Universe Philippines winner, said, for her part. “I hope that here in the Philippines, we eventually see that too. It’s a beautiful message especially to young ones that anybody can be Miss Universe.”

Dee, on the other hand, talked about other qualities that pageants nowadays are looking for in the contestants.

“It’s so different from the beauty pageants that we grew up with. And it’s really emphasizing what a woman can offer on inside and not just on the outside. It’s not just the physical, but it’s what we have on the inside. Because I really believe that anyone can become a beauty queen. It’s just about what they believe in, what they stand for,” the former Miss World Philippines said.

“Those winning right now, it’s just really a symbol of what everybody can achieve also. So I am happy about the loosening of the rules because it can be such a waste. There are many women who have a lot to offer, but just because of the height requirement they are unable to tell their stories? So, it’s really a pleasing trend in pageantry right now,” Dee added.

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