Bronze plaque for Dewey Monument approved by SF Arts Commission

San Francisco – The campaign to install a contextual plaque on the base of the Dewey Monument that would set the battle of Manila Bay in a more accurate historical context is coming to a happy ending.

With the location where to install the Bronze Plaque agreed upon, the final approval from the San Francisco Arts Commission came on June 12, 2019 as Filipino Americans are set to celebrate the 121st Anniversary of Philippine Independence Day.

The campaign to install a supplementary Plaque started in May 2005 at the conclusion of the month long Philippine-American War Exhibit at the War Memorial Building in San Francisco.

The plaque came into existence in 2006 during the Bud Dajo Centennial.

It was introduced to the public at the 2010 celebration of Philippine Independence Day in Union Square.

The plan is to manufacture and install the Plaque in late August or early September and the unveiling in October 2019 on the occasion of Filipino-American History Month.

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