[WATCH] ABS-CBN’s popular Filipino TV series ​’On The Wings of Love​’ to premiere on digital platforms on Jan. 27

A REIMAGINED version of the Filipino romantic dramedy television series “On The Wings of Love” will premiere on linear and digital platforms on Wednesday, January 27.

The newly edited 24-episode series will be available on the MYX linear network & Twitch digital subscription channel, followed by Amazon Prime Video & iTunes in weeks to come, ABS-CBN Global and MYX announced.

Set in San Francisco, ​”On The Wings of Love” is the story of Leah Olivar (​Nadine Lustre​) and Clark Medina (​James Reid​) whose “meet-cute” ends disastrously. As her tourist visa expires, Leah is determined to stay in the United States to realize her American Dream and decides to pursue citizenship through marriage. But the only person available is… Clark, a Filipino American who has lived in the country for 11 years and the one person that makes her skin crawl. The two encounter challenges as a fake couple, but, over time, begin to develop fondness and true love for each other.

“On The Wings of Love,” starring Nadine Lustre and James Reid, will come to digital platforms on Jan. 27.

The original “​On The Wings of Love” series premiered in 2015 and gained acclaim among fans in the Philippines. It concluded with an impressive 145-episode run in 2016 and has received numerous awards. The original 145 episodes were reimagined into a newly edited, faster-paced 24 episodes. It features the original all-star cast ​Nadine Lustre, ​James Reid​, ​Cherry Pie Picache​, ​Joel Torre​, ​Nanette Inventor​, and ​Isay Alvarez​. The original score remains as well featuring artists Kyla, James Reid and Nadine, with newly added ​Star Music songs by Jayda, Morisette, Alex Gonzaga & KidWolf. Promos for the show on MYX will also feature music by international artists, ​Inigo Pascual​ & ​Kiana V.

ABS-CBN​, the global leader in Filipino entertainment, has released numerous scripted television shows for over 50 years and this is the first time a series has been edited for a younger audience of both Filipino and non-Filipino viewers. The reimagined series provides a current perspective with relatable themes of immigration, family, and love. It is primarily in Filipino with English subtitles.

ABS-CBN hopes this release is one of the first steps for Filipino entertainment to join the ranks of Korean and Japanese shows which have helped bring Asian stories to the masses.

“ABS-CBN Global is committed to bringing premium Filipino content to the new audiences whenever they want and wherever they are,” said Jun Del Rosario, ABS-CBN global head of North America. “Our content is available on all major linear cable & satellite providers and digital platforms, which include proprietary channels like TFC and MYX.”

“On The Wings of Love” is being released under ABS-CBN’s entertainment brand ​MYX​, which is geared toward a younger viewership across digital & linear platforms. MYX was launched in 2007 and is currently distributed across 20 million homes in the United States. The brand recently relaunched with a larger digital footprint and is a key investment by the parent company to expand its reach in the United States and second-generation audience globally. The premiere of ​”On The Wings of Love” will be MYX’s first time offering exclusive content and live chats to their subscribers on Twitch.

“We’re constantly challenging ourselves to evolve with the needs of our multicultural audience, which is why MYX’s premium Twitch channel has gained a lot of traction with our viewers,” said Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias, ABS-CBN global head of music and talent. “We recognize the importance of accessibility on every device with many of our shows and are innovating the ways we create with that in mind.”

ABS-CBN Global has made strides in recent months for Filipino representation in the mainstream with its co-production of ​Yellow Rose​, which was released in theaters and digital platforms in North America last year by Sony Pictures. Among their successful MYX programming on Twitch include ​TAYO News​, The Hub, Heavy Rotation, The Lunch Table, The OPM Hour, daily live DJ sets, artist exclusive interviews, charitable fundraising raids and MYX global premieres of new music.

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