Success story: Parents’ ultimate sacrifice pays off when the family is finally reunited, on Citizen Pinoy this Sunday

FROM TWO (2) TO 14 – HOW THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE OF A COUPLE PAID OFF AND CHANGED THE LIVES OF THEIR WHOLE FAMILY, ON AN ENCORE SUCCESS STORY ON CITIZEN PINOY THIS SUNDAY! When Dad Romeo (standing, left) and Mom Connie (standing, 2nd from right) came to the U.S. to visit in 1994, they did not know that they would not be returning to the Philippines for a very long time. Friends convinced them to stay and find work in America to support their five children, whom they left behind. It was a sacrifice that was heart-wrenching for any parent to bear, but they tried to focus on the end goal of being reunited in the U.S. When their previous lawyer said that they could not get their youngest since he had aged-out, Mommy Connie insisted they see leading U.S. Immigration Attorney Michael J. Gurfinkel, who had a similar successful case on Citizen Pinoy. Atty. Gurfinkel was able to deliver and bring the youngest three children and their families. The family of two, Romeo and Connie, has now grown to 14, and Atty. Gurfinkel is working on bringing the rest of the clan to the U.S. Watch this success story on an encore of “Citizen Pinoy” on Sunday, September 17 at 6:30 PM PT (9:30 PM ET) through select Cable/Satellite providers, right after TV Patrol Linggo. (Advertising Supplement)

ROMEO and Connie came to the United States in 1994 to visit, leaving behind their five children. They remained in the U.S. after friends convinced them to pursue a better life here. While it was an agonizing decision to make, the couple knew their sacrifice was going to provide a better education for their children and a better life for their family.

After 13 years, their green card finally arrived, and they immediately filed a petition for their youngest, Remuel, who was only eight years old when they left him behind in 1994. Their previous lawyer said that Remuel had already aged out and nothing could be done.

At first, there were only two. Dad Romeo (left) and Mom Connie (center) arrived in the U.S. in 1994.

However, Mommy Connie saw a similar case on Citizen Pinoy, and she insisted and convinced her husband, Romeo, to consult with Atty. Gurfinkel.

During their consultation, Atty. Gurfinkel informed them that Remuel (left) was eligible for a visa under the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA), and Atty. Gurfinkel was able to bring their youngest to the U.S. as an immigrant in 2011.

Since then, Atty. Gurfinkel also worked on Rina’s (5th from left) employment petition, and in 2019, Rina arrived in the U.S. with her husband and their children.

Atty. Gurfinkel (right) has successfully brought three children to the U.S. – Remuel (left), Karen (2nd from left), and Rina (5th from left).

Atty. Gurfinkel also worked on Karen’s (2nd from left) family petition. She arrived in November 2022, together with her two children.

True to his law firm’s mission of “Bringing Families Together,” Atty. Gurfinkel is committed to keeping that promise. To this day, he is working on bringing the rest of the Padlan family to the U.S.

Atty. Gurfinkel (standing, 3rd from left) makes it his mission to “Bring Families Together.”

From the original two members, Connie and Romeo, the family has now grown to 14 members who now reside in the U.S., living the American Dream.

Watch this success story on an encore episode of “Citizen Pinoy” on Sunday, September 17 at 6:30 PM PT (9:30 PM ET) through select Cable/Satellite providers, right after TV Patrol Linggo. Citizen Pinoy is also available on iWantTFC. Viewers may download the free app.                                              (Advertising Supplement)

Atty. Michael Gurfinkel

The Law Offices of Michael J. Gurfinkel, Inc. is one of the most respected and successful immigration law firms in America. We take pride that many of our cases are considered “miracle cases” that were “emergency” in nature, or were considered “too difficult” or “impossible” by other attorneys. Through hard work, determination, and years of experience in immigration, litigation, and negotiation, we have been fortunate to help thousands of people solve their immigration problems, be reunited with their families, and be able to live the “American Dream.”

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