Witnessing the passion and excitement from the AAPI candidate forum in Vegas: Let our voices be heard in the general election

ON Tuesday, August 28, 2018, members of the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) community in Las Vegas were given the opportunity to interact with our congressional, state, and local candidates at the AAPI Candidate Forum from both political parties.

Witnessing firsthand the passion and excitement of our local AAPI community members engaged in political participation gave me hope in the future of Nevada. As valued community members of Nevada, do not be afraid to ask our candidates questions about how they are going to affect change at a higher level in elected office. Our elected officials, especially those in the local and state positions, directly affect our daily lives with policies being voted on. As the AAPI community, we do have a voice and it does matter to our candidates. I observed it last night at the Candidate Forum, we are a strong community united by our morals and values regardless of our ethnicity and differences.

Our candidates are working hard to represent the will of the people, including the AAPI community in Las Vegas. The AAPI population is continuing the grow at a fast rate in Nevada.  According to the Asian Community Development Council, Nevada is home to 291,000 Asian and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), making about 10 percent of the state population. It is our mission as community advocates in the AAPI community to educate and persuade our family and friends to vote in the general election in November.

Do not let political apathy, the attitude of “our vote doesn’t count” or “I am too busy to vote,” take over.  Regardless of our rigorous work schedules and busy home lives, we have to unite together to vote for the November midterm elections. Despite the political polarization, educate yourselves by researching the candidates and their stances on important issues. Make the choice of who you are going to vote for based on facts. Political participation by voting is, in essence, the greatest gift endowed to us by our Founding Fathers. Voting is a part of our American duty. It only takes 15 minutes at the most to do early voting or vote on Election Day. The future of Nevada is at stake depending on who wins the general election.

If your moral convictions of believing in the importance of faith and family values, education, self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, lower taxes, and job creation, vote for our Republican candidates in the general election. Our Republican candidates will promote the values the AAPI community embedded in our culture and we can empower one another to let our voices be heard in the midterm elections..


A tenacious leader and entrepreneur, Lisa Noeth started her content writing business, LM Noeth Solutions, in 2018. She graduated from New York University’s Masters of Science in Global Affairs in 2016 and is currently an aspiring political commentator/journalist. Lisa is on a mission to unite all millennial Republicans across Nevada as the chairwoman for the Young Republicans of Southern Nevada.

Lisa Melanie Noeth

Lisa Melanie Noeth is a businesswoman and social entrepreneur behind LPN Trading LLC, an e-commerce business partnered with supplying inventory ranging from toys, books, and accessories to Amazon.com. Lisa now resides in Las Vegas with her husband Phil and looks forward to serving the community’s needs. Her interests include American politics, traveling and reading.

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