The Top Four Fil-Am Nonprofit 501 C-3 Organizations In My Book

Pictured are the board members and executive officers of United Specialist Healthcare Foundation, Inc. and consular officials. From left to right, seated: USHC President, Dr. Joselito Babaran, Executive Director, Lucy Babaran and guest of honor, L.A. Consul General Edgar B. Badajos. Standing from L-R: Dan E. Niño, Elvis Tamayo, Cultural Assistant Edelwisa Valencia, Teddy Ortega, Johnny Manuel, Annabelle Espinosa, Annie Cho, Catherine Rubio, Ben Aranda, Philip Gueco, Consul Marie Cris Cheng, Erlinda Granada-Sabah and Pedro Ramirez.

As a tax practitioner dealing with income tax, sales tax along with two dozen Fil-Am non-profit, public benefit 501 C-3 organizations  that I maintain, I have the top four in my book that fulfill their role in serving humankind in the most prolific ways in Southern California.

My selection criteria are based on: Impact and diversity of programs, livelihood and services,  consistency in their activities in both the U.S. and the Philippines – uplifting the well-being of the underprivileged,  the underserved, marginalized recipients, the orphans, disabled, victims of natural calamities and for the advancement of public welfare in a collaborative way — I want to recognize them.

The four top ranked organizations are the United Specialist Healthcare Foundation, Inc., APO Global Foundation, Inc.,  Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA, Inc. and Kalayaan, Inc. You can google or surf their websites.

I will tackle first the contributions of  United Specialist Healthcare Foundation also known as USFH in furthering the organization’s exempt purpose.

USFH’s status as a public benefit and charitable nonprofit California corporation took effect on Sept 9, 2014.

Through the years, USHF have made a big difference in the community through its humanitarian projects, charity works, health,  wellness and livelihood projects.

Its 15 members of the Board and officers are leaders in various organizations mostly from the Filipino community  representing a wide gamut of professions in the medical and nursing fields, law, engineering, accountancy , business and financial consultancy, real estate and journalism, among others.

The USFH’s president and CEO is Dr. Joselito Babaran, assisted by his supportive wife Lucy Babaran, RN, MBA who serves as the organization’s executive director.

In her State of the Organization report during a recent Christmas event, Lucy Babaran enumerated USHF’s donations to: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles ($1,000)  benefiting  children with cancer; City of Hope, Duarte ($1,000) benefiting women with Metastatic Breast Cancer; Mekeni Foundation for Covid-19 assistance ($500), APO Global Foundation ($500) for handicapped children of the Gabay Group afflicted with cerebral palsy, autism, Down’s Syndrome and epilepsy based in Project 8, Quezon City which I initiated as both APO Global Board Chairman and USHF director; American Red Cross ($500) intended to Ukraine’s humanitarian crises, Antonio Gama ($500) for his mental health advocacy and Guinsiliban, Camiguin ($500) for typhoon victims.

USHF also sponsored the “Tiny Home for the Homeless” through the initiative of its Director Ms. Emily Roberts who handed $3,000 to Ken Craft , President and CEO of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission. The Tiny Home with a living area of 200 sq. ft. was built in Tarzana where the  benefactor, United Specialist Healthcare Foundation was inscribed on its façade.

USHF also collaboration with other medical organizations with Philippine Medical Association of So. Cal  and UERMMMC Medical Alumni Assn.  of So. Cal for the poorest of the poor Barangays in the Philippines

It also initiated the Learning and Self Care Program for monolingual, underserved seniors in the form of Computer Class Mentoring by USHF secretary, board member and IT specialist Teddy Ortega at the Helping Hands Facility.

Ms Catherine Rubio RN, a USHF officer,  mentored the seniors in the Valley to  enhance their mental health through its program SELF CARE Mentorship.

Other USHF’s charitable and humanitarian programs  include:  Providing PPEs and Christmas gifts for homeless Veterans in five cities of Los Angeles County during the pandemic,  financial assistance, meals, books for an orphanage in Pampanga beginning in 2017, financial assistance for the disadvantaged coffee farmers of Benguet, Mt Province, built shed for  coffee farmers so the coffee beans will not be exposed to the elements during the rainy season. This project was initiated by Mrs. Fides Herrera-Lim, wife of Ambassador Leo Herrera and honorary director of USHF.

The organization also provided meals and financial assistance to Indigenous people of Puerto Princesa, Palawan wherein board member Doug Sulivan and wife Margie participated in distributing  meals.

For its community initiatives, USHF headed the movement, “STOP Asian Hate” which it collaborated with 50 Fil-Am organizations and had one full-page statement in Asian Journal  for two editions  as well as in Philippine Post.

It also participated in the June 25, 2023 in the Philippine Independence Motorcade organized by the Philippine Consulate participated in by more than 100 organizations .

On July 15, 2023, USHF participated during the Philippine  American Friendship Day hosted by National Federation of Filipino American Associations Los Angeles Region which I co-chaired.     Ms. Emily Roberts, headed the USHF Planning Committee and participated in by other USHF board members.

The most outstanding humanitarian project of USHF for 2023 was capped by the “Ahon Abra Drive“ in partnership and initiative of L.A. Consul General Edgar B. Badajos and the Divine Word College, Bangued HS Batch 82. USHF was able to raise more than $11,000 equivalent to more than Php 660,000.00 in three weeks from September to Oct. 15, 2023 , that benefitted more than 100 families, Php 3,000.00 to Php 7,000.00 cash per family were given and prepacked school supplies for several hundreds school learners who were affected badly by the super typhoon Egay.

In a press statement, USHF declared, “the partnership between our organization and ConGen  Badajos and the DWCB HS batch 82 is a testament of collaboration,  compassion and hope.” – [email protected]


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