The AAPI support for Sen. Dean Heller & GOP candidates in the November midterm elections

We are less than two weeks away from the 2018 midterm elections. It’s time for the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in Nevada to make an impact for the future of Nevada. 

Our AAPI values of family, faith, the importance of education, and hard work reflects the Republican Party’s main platforms. The Republican Party is the party that delivers with action by creating policies centered around bringing jobs, economic growth, and common sense policies to benefit the state of Nevada. 

We see it every day that there is more consumer confidence in Nevada because more Americans are now back to work and thriving. Restaurants and shopping malls are busy filled with people buying again. This is the impact of President Donald Trump and his pro-American policies.  

All of you who voted for President Trump in 2016, know that our voices have been heard by him. We are witnessing the effects of the president’s tax reform and tax incentives in Nevada: job creation with companies moving into our pro-business state and higher wages. We need to act now as the AAPI community by making the right decision to research the candidates on important issues. If you believe in improving the education system in Nevada, vote Republican. 

This is why we need to unite as the AAPI community. The future of Nevada is in your hands. You need to reach out to the voters now. We have to bridge the gap to persuade our neighbors, friends, and coworkers about innocent people like us, the working and middle class, who struggle with no free handouts and no jobs. The economy suffers when the working and middle-class struggles.

We won in 2016 together behind President Trump, now unite together as the AAPI community and vote for our Republican candidates to Make Nevada Red Again in November. It’s time to show our support as a community for our Republican candidates: Sen Dean Heller, Adam Laxalt, Danny Tarkanian, and Cresent Hardy.

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A tenacious leader and entrepreneur, Lisa Noeth started her content writing business, LM Noeth Solutions, in 2018. She graduated from New York University’s Masters of Science in Global Affairs in 2016 and is currently an aspiring political commentator/journalist. Lisa is on a mission to unite all millennial Republicans across Nevada as the chairwoman for the Young Republicans of Southern Nevada.

Lisa Melanie Noeth

Lisa Melanie Noeth is a businesswoman and social entrepreneur behind LPN Trading LLC, an e-commerce business partnered with supplying inventory ranging from toys, books, and accessories to Lisa now resides in Las Vegas with her husband Phil and looks forward to serving the community’s needs. Her interests include American politics, traveling and reading.

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