As an Asian American supporter of Senator Dean Heller and President Donald Trump

The 2018 midterm election is less than 100 days away, and Nevada’s Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community needs to quickly come together to support and vote for Dean Heller for U.S. Senate.

Securing Senator Dean Heller’s win for the 2018 midterm election is crucial for Nevada’s AAPI community. Senator Heller worked with President Trump to write and pass tax cuts for our families and small businesses, which are contributing to the economic growth for AAPI-owned businesses in Las Vegas’s Chinatown.

Senator Heller is committed to a betterment of our families and children in Nevada. He is united with the AAPI community in our shared efforts to grow our economy secure our border, and protect the American Dream.

As a conservative, Senator Heller upholds the principles all AAPI hold, which align with the Republican values of freedom, faith, family, and self-sufficiency with limited government intervention.

As Andy Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American veteran and president of the Texas Asian Republican Assembly, told me, “I am no different from you. I welcome all legal immigrants from around the world, who have joined me [on] this unique American journey. We may look and sound different from each other, but we are all Americans. Now is the time that all Americans need to come together united together to preserve America…We need a president, who has the courage and strength to break down the status quo in pursuit of a common sense immigration solution that places the rules of law, the United States sovereignty, and the American people. My friends, we have that leader, his name is Donald J. Trump.”

 So now you might be wondering how President Donald Trump’s policies and Senator Heller affect AAPIs today? In 2016, I had the magnificent opportunity to volunteer with outstanding individuals who were involved with the RNC Asian Pacific American Outreach. I met numerous passionate Republican Asian Americans in Nevada concerned about various policy issues pertaining to the needs of state and national policy issues.

 Additionally, I’ve attended the AAPI Advisory Board meeting in October 2016 in Las Vegas with Republican Asian community leaders nationwide and President Trump’s campaign advisors.

I believe that as AAPIs, we must stand unified behind President Trump’s economic, national security, and immigration policy initiatives for a better future for our beloved country. President Trump will also enforce legal immigration laws for our relatives from our parent’s homeland to enter the United States legally.

As a Republican Filipina-American and a supporter of President Trump, I want my fellow AAPIs to understand that the Democrat Party heavily targets immigrants deceptively to get them to vote for their candidates based on lies and false promises.

On the other hand, Dean Heller is supportive for Asian American families to thrive under his vision of safeguarding the American Dream for all.

Moreover, the Republican Party’s economic policies will encourage AAPI business owners and entrepreneurs with lower taxes to expand their businesses and to restore the middle class with competitive jobs. As AAPIs, we symbolize the entrepreneurial spirit of the American dream.

President Trump is supportive for our families to thrive under his vision of upholding the American Dream for everyone.  Finally, as an Asian American, the Republican Party inspires me to dream bigger as an entrepreneur and future public servant.

We have to come together united as the AAPI community to persuade our family, neighbors, and friends to vote for Dean Heller and our Republican candidates in the 2018 midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

 * * *

A tenacious leader and entrepreneur, Lisa Noeth started her content writing business, LM Noeth Solutions, in 2018. She graduated from New York University’s Masters of Science in Global Affairs in 2016 and is currently an aspiring political commentator/journalist. Lisa is on a mission to unite all millennial Republicans across Nevada as the chairwoman for the Young Republicans of Southern Nevada.

Lisa Melanie Noeth

Lisa Melanie Noeth is a businesswoman and social entrepreneur behind LPN Trading LLC, an e-commerce business partnered with supplying inventory ranging from toys, books, and accessories to Lisa now resides in Las Vegas with her husband Phil and looks forward to serving the community’s needs. Her interests include American politics, traveling and reading.

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