Pinay Pride of Hawaii

ONE of Hawaii’s most distinguished business leaders is a Filipina.

Joni B. Redick-Yundt has received awards and honors, not only from respected organizations, but from the highest strata of the state.

Among her awards are a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the State of Hawaii; a Recognition of Community Achievement from the State of Hawaii Senate; a Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor of Honolulu for Community Service projects and mentoring; and a plaque from Hawaii’s House of Representatives.

Redick-Yundt was also a recipient of the Outstanding Community and Volunteer Award from the Hawaii Filipino Women’s Club; the 2008 Pacific Business News Volunteer Woman of the Year Award;  the 2002 US Small Business Administration Women in Business Advocate of the Year Award; Outstanding Member of the Year Award from the Filipino Chamber of Commerce in Hawaii; and one of the 2010 Twenty Outstanding Filipinos Abroad (TOFA).

Gifted with beauty and brains, Redick-Yundt also won beauty pageants, as Mrs. Hawaii United States and Mrs. Honolulu International 2001; and 1st runner-up in Mrs. Hawaii Filipina.

Determined to succeed and to help others succeed

Born and raised in the Philippines, Redick-Yundt grew up in a town which had no running water nor electricity. But Redick-Yundt was determined to become extraordinary and to rise above her circumstances.

In 1974, Redick-Yundt and her family immigrated to Hawaii. She then built a career in business, rising to the top of her profession. She went into sales and marketed many products. She also put up businesses, which became successful in their fields.

But Redick-Yundt’s greatest contribution to the community is her passion to help others succeed.

In 2007, she wrote the popular book, Million Dollar Attitude, which espouses creating positive energy, enthusiasm, confidence, discipline, a solid work ethic and to make “lemonade from lemons.”

In the same year, Redick-Yundt founded  the Filipino American Multi Ethnic Society (FAMES) to help other businesses and to develop leaders in the community.

“I just want to help people,” says Redick-Yundt.

A 501 (c) non-profit organization, the Filipino-American Multi-Ethnic Society is committed to Mentoring, Educating, Motivating and Leadership Development for entrepreneurs and business owners in Hawaii.

Redick-Yundt gathers current and future Filipino businessmen and empowers individuals to achieve business and economic success, while learning to give back to the community.

By sharing her story and inviting other successful people to share their stories, Redick-Yundt is able to improve society and to create opportunities, by giving others the knowledge to succeed, through mentoring and developing strong community business leaders.

Specifically helping Fil-Ams in Hawaii, Redick-Yundt was quick to point out, however, that “you don’t have to be Filipino to join FAMES.”  Asked why she has chosen to mentor and guide others, Redick-Yundt says that she does it to “improve society and level the playing field by giving our kababayans access to business skills and training completely FREE or at minimal cost so that everyone can participate, grow and achieve their dreams!”

“When anyone succeeds, we all succeed!,” said Redick-Yundt.

Giving back

Aside from mentoring Fil-Am business men and women, Redick-Yundt encourages them to give back to the community, as she has done.

They have provided financial and manpower assistance to many local non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross and National Kidney Foundation.

Redick-Yundt efforts to mentor people has not been limited to FAMES. She has also had simulcast radio and television shows called Million Dollar Mondays, where she motivates people to succeed.

Her work in helping people has been featured in many media channels.

In 2007, she was awarded as one of the Top 5 Most Intriguing Individuals by IN Magazine of Hawaii.

Redick-Yundt has surely come a long way from her underprivileged childhood in the Philippines — becoming one of the leading business leaders in Hawaii. She credits her success comes from her supportive husband, Tom C. Yundt, and their children, Jason and Jessica.

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