Does Godzilla live in your house?

THE Japanese created Godzilla a long time ago. It’s a gigantic T-Rex on steroids that destroys Tokyo and the rest of Japan until someone comes to the rescue and kills it with nukes. Mr. Honda, the author, created the concept of Godzilla as a metaphor for the atomic bombs in 1954 when Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were the recipients of two atomic bombs from the United States, were still fresh in the minds of the Japanese. Now, of course, Kim Jung Un of North Korea has recently threatened to wipe Japan from the face of the earth with his nuclear bombs. So, I am sure that the spectre of Godzilla is now making the rounds again in Japan. 

 No way that Godzilla can be living in your house, right? Well check again. Maybe you got your first credit card 10 years ago and that was Godzilla’s egg. Now, you have 10 credit cards and you have a mountain of credit card statements that you receive every month, each one of them requiring a minimum payment from you to keep them happy. What happens if you don’t make the minimum payment every month? Well, they will turn nasty and create a lot of trouble for you. This is the problem of having Godzilla in your house. It’s very hard to kill Godzilla because it is a gigantic monster!

You can’t kill it with a 50-caliber machine gun. That’s not strong enough. Those 50-caliber bullets just slide off Godzilla’s tougher-than-steel skin. Five hundred-pound bunker buster bombs have been proven ineffective against this monster. He just shrugs them off like mosquito bites. The only way you can kill Godzilla in your house is to put a nuclear smart bomb through its navel and detonate it.

 Only a Chapter 7 petition has enough legal power to kill all your credit cards in one explosion. Wipe out all your dischargeable debts; keep all of your assets including your house, cars, furniture and retirement accounts, and start fresh in life without accumulated debt. Kill the Godzilla in your house, or it will destroy your life. 

 If you owe $30,000 of credit card debt now, next year, that debt will become $40,000, then $50,000. You need at least $1,000 of net income to make minimum payments on $30,000 of credit cards every month. For $40,000 of credit cards, you will need $1,200 of net income for minimum monthly payments. If you don’t have the $1,000 or $1,200 of net income, you will have to borrow $12,000 a year to make the $1,000 of monthly payments. This means that your $30,000 debt will become $42,000 in twelve months. If you gross $3,000 monthly, 40 percent of your net income of $2,400 will be used to service your $30,000 of credit card debt. You are being eaten alive by Godzilla even if you don’t know it.

 The client is 72. She has been a widow for three years. She used to be a caregiver until last year. Last year her patient, a 400-pound woman who is 6 feet tall, threw her to the floor. The patient had mental problems. The client thought she was going to die on the floor since she is only 5 feet and 130 pounds. She became unconscious and was brought to the hospital. Although she survived the fall, she now has a lot of back pain, which makes her eligible to receive disability. She owes $40K of credit card debt. Her disability pay is $1,400 and her social security is $1,000. So, she gets monthly $2,400 from disability and social security. Her rent is $600. Her $40,000 of credit card debt requires 50 percent of her income for minimum payments. She has two sons who have offered to pay the minimum of $1,200 for her $40,000 of credit cards. But what is the logic in keeping these cards? Sons will pay $15,000 this year. Next year, they will pay another $15,000 and the year after next, another $15,000. In 3 years, sons will be $45,000 but client will still owe the same $40,000 of credit card debt after her sons aid $45,000 of minimum payments for three years!

 The client decides that she needs the full legal power of Chapter 7 to get rid of all of her $40,000 of credit cards now and to start a new and productive life again at 72! Chapter 7 is the “fresh start” law. You start life again without the burden of accumulated debt whether your are 72, 62, 52, 42 or 32, it doesn’t matter. You can start fresh again in life at any age! The sooner the better for you and your family, otherwise you will have a Godzilla living in your house.

 If you need debt relief, set an appointment to see me. I will analyze your case personally.


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