[COLUMN] Unusual Christmas for all this week

SUNDAY is Christmas Day. The whole Christian world celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, 2020 years ago. Christians also celebrate the fact that God the Father, Yahweh, “I am who am,” who preceded all creation and who created everything chose a mere human, the Blessed Mother Mary, to be the mother of Jesus. We cannot really understand completely why this is so. I don’t care how many PHD’s you have in theology.

I understand the explanation that God is love, and He so loved man, his creation, that He sent His only and beloved Son, to die for our sins, to redeem us from the consequences of sin, so that we can enter heaven and spend the rest of eternity with Him in paradise. This is our basic Christian faith. And we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the one and only beloved Son of the one and only true Almighty God, Creator of the Universe and everything in it, visible and invisible.

We thank Jesus for agreeing to be born a human for us; after all He is God too. Jesus did not have to die for us but again, He agreed with God the Father, that it was only through this way, that He be born as a human, then sacrifice his life as a human in suffering and death at the age of 33, thus completing the required act of God ‘s redemption of the human race from the consequences of sin. But since Jesus was 100% divine, and 100% human, He resurrected on the third day after his death on the cross in Golgotha.

I try to apply the principles of contract law to the foregoing. But since contract law is man made, it’s just not possible. If we were to provide an analogy, it would be like this. You are the judge. The defendant and accused before you killed another man and is charged with murder. All the evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused killed the victim with malice aforethought in cold blood because he stole his wife from him. He caught his wife with the accused in the act, went to get his shotgun in the garage. When he came back to the bedroom, the lover had escaped into the night. After a week, accused finds out the identity and address of the victim. He plots for a month to run him over with his hummer SUV while he jogs. At last after two months, accused spots him crossing the pedestrian lane, revs up his hummer and runs the victim over at 60 m/hr. Victim dies after 3 days in the ICU. The jury has no problem convicting him of premeditated murder.

Then you as the Judge, you feel so bad for the accused that you ask your only beloved son, 33 years old, a Nobel-prize winner in medicine for discovering the cure for all kinds of cancer, to exchange his life for the life of the accused. Your son will take the place of the accused on the electric chair. Then your son, your one and only beloved son, he completely agrees with you and submits willingly to your request for him to die for the accused. I mean, can you even begin comprehend something like this? I don’t think so. I can’t understand it. I have a son. I would never do this or ask this of him. I may die for him, yes, that’s quite easy to do. I can die for my wife, that’s quite easy to do too. But ask him to die for another; that is just incomprehensible.

And the complication is Jesus is also 100% God, and as such cannot be killed or die. So the only way to make this work is Jesus has to agree to become 100% man so he can suffer physically and die. Pain and suffering and death are human experience because our ancestors, Adam and Eve, blew it. There was no sickness or death in paradise before they ate of the forbidden fruit. Their bodies were not subject to illness or disease. Co-vid, who cares, can’t touch me, Adam and Eve would say before they fell from grace. Now we’ve got these human bodies that can so easily get sick and die. Only two humans did not die, after Adam and Eve’s fall. Enoch and Elijah did not physically die. God took them to heaven, straight to heaven while they were still alive at different times. Enoch was the first prophet, the seventh generation from Adam, who first proclaimed that God, Yahweh, is the only one true God. Yes, Adam & Eve’s descendants started creating their own Gods. They worshipped all sorts of stuff. Let’s not even talk about what they worshipped.

I know this Christmas is subdued for all of us. But still, we can still celebrate in our hearts that God, Yahweh, so loved us, that He sent His only beloved Son, Jesus to become human & who wholeheartedly agreed, to live in the human world, to redeem us from sin, and made possible through the acceptance of the Blessed Mother Mary to be the Mother of Jesus in this world. We have a chance to enter heaven for eternity, this one chance after being redeemed by Jesus Christ who was born 2020 years ago on Christmas day. This we celebrate with all our hearts! To all those who are depressed with all this doom and gloom, rejoice in your hearts that God, Jesus, and the Blessed Mother Mary, they all love you! To all those married couples who think they can’t survive as a couple because this pandemic was the last straw, just cool it, ok? If you love each other, just cool it and set your egos aside. Just get vaccinated and cool it. To all of you who can’t survive without using your credit cards, just max them out to survive this pandemic. Come see me after, we’ll just wipe them out and give you a fresh start.

Warm wishes of goodwill to all as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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