Two Fil-Am execs among Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business

Edward Flores; Edwin Josue receives his award from John Wang of the Asian American Business Development Center

The Asian American Business Development Center (AABDC) celebrated its 22nd annual Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Awards Gala Dinner at a gala ceremony in downtown Manhattan last week. Since its inception in 2001, this event has been a cornerstone in recognizing the outstanding contributions of Asian American business professionals across the United States.

This year’s honorees, including Raj Subramaniam, President and CEO of FedEx Corporation, and the late Sir Ivan Menezes, former CEO of Diageo, underscore the profound impact of Asian Americans in shaping the nation’s economic landscape.

Edwin Josue with Loida Nicolas Lewis

Among the distinguished recipients of this year’s award are two Filipino Americans – Edwin Josue, a renowned New York-based realtor, and Edward F. Flores, who serves as a Senior Business Manager and Risk and governance Officer in the Chief Operating Officer office for the DWS Group.

Josue’s recognition signifies not only his personal triumph but also his outstanding contributions to the real estate industry. With a career spanning over two decades, Josue has facilitated transactions totaling nine figures, solidifying his reputation as a distinguished figure in the real estate arena.

When asked about the significance of this recognition, Josue shared, “Personally – it’s a fulfillment. I remember my parents saying my education is a treasure they can impart. Soar high, spread your wings, do your best and you will achieve your dream. I did it!” This sentiment encapsulates the ethos that has propelled Josue to where he is in his field.

Josue’s approach to real estate is characterized by a fundamental principle – the art of listening. By attentively understanding the needs of his clients, he provides tailored service marked by transparency, honesty, and trustworthiness.

“The key to my success as a real estate broker is I listen,” Josue told the Asian Journal. “I listen to the needs of my clients. Give personalized service and be honest, transparent, and trustworthy.”

Flores, on the other hand, is the senior business manager and risk & governance officer in the Chief Operating Officer office at DWS Group, bringing with him over two decades of expertise spanning insurance, mutual funds, hedge funds, and regulation. Previously, he held roles as an Associate Compliance Examiner at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and as an Associate at Goldman Sachs.

At Deutsche Bank and DWS, Flores co-chairs the Asian Inclusion Network and has been a vital member of the Multicultural Partnership Committee of Deutsche Bank in 2017. He remains actively engaged in the Employee Inclusion and Engagement Council and the Graduate Advisory Board for DWS.

Flores is a proud alumnus of Rutgers University, holding a BS in Finance from Rutgers College and an MBA from the Rutgers Business School. His commitment to mentorship has not only impacted Rutgers students and alumni but also earned him the esteemed RBS Distinguished Mentorship Award in 2022.

The recognition of Josue and Flores as two of the 50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business is a testament to their hard work and pursuit of excellence.

Beyond his success, Josue believes in the power of visibility and social responsibility within the realm of business and finance. He advocates for a triple V approach – Victory through Vision, Voice, and Visibility.

“Business and finance are all about numbers,” Josue emphasized. “Be smart, be credible, and be intelligent in all that one does. But it carries with it social responsibility that especially as Asian American and Filipino we need to be visible. We need to have a voice and vision that espouses diversity, equality, and inclusion.”

Josue also believes that there should be a greater representation of Filipino awardees in the future. Last year, there were two distinguished Filipino awardees – Elmer Velasquez (Heidrick & Struggles) and Ed Domingo (Empire City by MGM Resorts). In 2018, Josue’s partner, Jerry Sibal, and Joanne Tabellija-Murphy from Walmart were honored. Ramy Inocencio of Bloomberg Television and Gaemer Gutierrez of CVS Health received the recognition in 2016, while David de la Cruz was the sole Filipino awardee in 2021. However, there were no Filipino awardees in 2017 and 2019.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workforce

Each year, the Outstanding 50 award committee meticulously selects leaders who have not only achieved remarkable success in business but have also demonstrated exceptional contributions to their communities. Among these distinguished leaders, the committee identifies a Pinnacle Award recipient who stands out as an industry leader, having reached the zenith of their professional career.

John Wang, President and Founder of AABDC, emphasized the significance of these recognitions, stating, “Raj Subramaniam of FedEx

certainly meets and exceeds our criteria, and he has earned our admiration and appreciation for helming one of the most critical segments of the economy – the logistics and supply chains that keep our lives and businesses humming. This year, we are also privileged to be honoring the impactful life of Ivan Menezes, who left a lasting imprint on Diageo, and who exemplified an Asian American business success story.”

Highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce, Wang added, “During a year when Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies are being challenged, we hope that our awards tradition demonstrates that diverse workforces produce great talent.”

Last year, the Pinnacle Award celebrated two Asian American female CEOs, Reshma Kewalramani, President and CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and Rose Lee, President and CEO of Cornerstone Building Brands Inc.

The gala, a prominent event in the Asian American business community, typically draws over 600 leaders in business, politics, and civic duty, all gathered to pay tribute to the outstanding entrepreneurs and corporate executives in the Asian American business community from across the United States. (By Momar G. Visaya/AJPress) n

Momar G. Visaya

Momar G. Visaya is the Executive Editor of the Asian Journal. You can reach him at [email protected].

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