Baculio receives Lifetime Achievement Award from LBBA

THE Long Beach Bacolod Association (LBBA) will recognize and give its Lifetime Achievement Award 2024 to Atty. Augusto (Jun) Baculio on June 10, 2024 at the Recreation Park Community Center (4900 E. 7th Street) for his pioneering spirit in launching the first geo stationary satellite devoted only to the Philippines which will provide internet and broadcast connectivity to the entire country’s 7,000 islands. Right now, 60% of the population does not have connectivity. Traditional fiber optic cables have become time consuming and too costly and subject to weather conditions. Jun has teamed up with a U.S. firm called Astranis to build and launch its first satellite for the Philippines.

Jun has used his expertise as a legislator to change and develop the laws to obtain an over-the-air franchise. His business acumen is similar to Elon Musk in making the internet affordable to all Filipino residents.

According to Peter Ramirez, LBBA president, “There are businessmen and then there are truly entrepreneurs who have the vision to make major changes in the way we do our daily routines. In 1967, I was fortunate to meet a young Jun. We both were dorm students at the Ateneo De Manila University. I ran an informal class in Tae Kwon Do at 6:00 a.m. every morning. And Jun was my student. At this early age he exhibited leadership qualities and became one of my favorite students. Jun eventually graduated from Law School and eventually became a congressman. He wrote numerous legislative laws on the environment and laws about running an over the air franchise.”

Jun later teamed up with CTO and Engineer Danny Rostrada and formed Orbits. According to the CEO of Astranis, John Gedmark, “Orbits and Astranis have very similar interests to bring internet connectivity to the masses.”

The Long Beach Bacolod Association (LBBA) was formed in 1994 as a sister city organization to promote the cultural and educational ties of two port cities, Long Beach and Bacolod. This relationship actually began in 1994 and was revitalized in 2016 with the assistance of founder Joe Gamboa from Bacolod and other Long Beach city officials, such as Mary Barton and Richard Madeira. 

LBBA is part of the Sister Cities of Long Beach and is a nonprofit organization with an EIN number of 33-067-0943.

Orbits Satellite Corporation is a Philippine corporation formed by Atty. Augusto Baculio and Randy Rostrada to bring internet connectivity to the Philippine. Jun Baculio’s late wife of 43 years, Estella Reyes was born and raised in Bacolod. Meanwhile, Astranis Corporation is a privately owned corporation to bring low-cost satellite technology to underserved communities to the world. Its CEO is John Gedmark.

(LBBA Release)

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