Richard Maghanoy, husband of Image Spa MD co-owner Imee Ong-Maghanoy, celebrates 50th Birthday

Richard Maghanoy, husband of Image Spa MD co-owner Imee Ong-Maghanoy, celebrates 50th Birthday

“Behind every man’s success is a woman,” but beside every strong woman is an even stronger man whose iconic existence demands a celebration filled with fun and dancing – Studio 54 style!

Richard Maghanoy, COO of Image Body Spa and husband of celebrity aesthetician Imee (and co-owner of Image Spa MD) celebrated his 50th birthday with friends and family at the Revolver Video Bar in Hollywood last Sunday. Friends and family kept up with its “Relive the magic of Studio 54” theme and partied like the 70s – glitz, glamour, retro and all.

Richard, a devout Christian and a loving husband is turning 50 on December 31. He says knowing Christ and walking in faith as a family is by far the greatest blessing he’s had. His birthday wish is to have good health and to remain steadfast in their faith, and continue to be happy and fulfilled as a family.

“With all the blessings that the Lord has poured upon our life over the years, I can’t thank Him enough for all the experiences He allowed me to have that helped me become the person I am today. I’d like to thank my wife Imee Ong Maghanoy who is the one who led me to the Lord, and loved and supported all these years; as well as my daughter Shannen for being my inspiration,” he said. “I also want to thank my parents for their guidance and for teaching me to be independent. At first, I wasn’t really planning on having a big party but now that I am celebrating my ‘golden years’ with all of you have made this night very very memorable.”

Richard would like to thank the following people for their presence in celebrating his special day: Alex Pineda, Edward Soriano & Scott, Abby Luz, Frank Villafuerte, Sam Loyola, Lyn Bautista, Monet Lu, Lorraine Diego, Filbert Diego Kung, Karla Gordy Bristol, Angie Yamini, Jun and Lilibeth Banawa, Odette Tan, Nicole Dy, Tee Roy & Suzette, Cheryl Asuncion and Jeff, Priam Guian, Jessie Romero, and Benjo Balcobero.

Special thanks to Lou Razon, Vic Perez, Joel Vera Sebastian, Angel Bonila, Angie Mamaril, Ruby Pangan, & Marlyn Guian and Rod Samson for helping with the preparations.


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