Filipino-American Club of the Jersey Shore

THE Filamclub is primarily composed of 91% Filipino-American mixed marriages and a few singles. The Filipina is usually the wife; while the husband is either Italian-American, Jewish-American, Irish-American, mixed-American, or African-American. Only two couples are pure Filipino couples – meaning both husband and wife are Filipinos and born from the Philippines. The number of Filipino families who were Club members has dwindled over the last six years. The Club, however, is endeavoring to reach them. The Club conducts its monthly meeting usually on the third week of each month. The monthly Club meeting is attended by Club members, friends and guests. The meeting is usually in a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. During summer and spring the meetings are held outdoor (if weather permitting).

We have several occassions each year; namely, the Christmas party during December, the Induction Ball, held every two years, Spring Party, Luaua Party in July or August, the Valentines party, and other occassions…

The Club is not only for the Club members, but also for each and everyone in the Filipino-American communities of the Jersey Shore and beyond… So feel free to stop by when you can…. It is Your Club!

Elected officers 2010-2012

Joe Kirchenbaum – President

Fely Schickler – 1st Vice President

Letty Falanga – 2nd Vice President

Gilda Rabanal – Secretary

Joe Rabanal – Treasurer

Mailing address: PO Box 376 Oakhurst New Jersey 07755
Telephone: (732)922-3189 or (732)918-2296

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