My thoughts on three P’s: politics, presidentiables and platforms

My thoughts on three P’s: politics, presidentiables and platforms

I know I have been writing mostly about famous personalities and celebrities, as well as fashion and lifestyle. But this time, I want to give my two But this time, I want to give my two cents on a national issue. Allow me to share my thoughts on politics, “presidentiables” and their platforms, or what I call, the “three P’s”—a much talked about subject—and not for a lack of reason.

The election is a few weeks away and everybody is busy campaigning for their presidential candidates. On the other other hand, the candidates are feeling the tension as they put their best foot – or feet – forward to get as many votes as possible.

I’m still a proud Democrat — and always will be. I believe in gun control and the Affordable Care Act. I believe in having an open mind on a number of social issues, and in devoting more resources to welfare programs. In short, I believe in a lot of things that align with the Democratic Party.

Having said that, you pretty much know who I am rooting for to take the presidential seat this term. Well, aside from her being a Democrat, I truly admire the woman. If you guessed, Hillary Clinton, then you are correct.

Mrs. Clinton is an extremely intelligent woman, a quality that’s validated by her countless credentials.  To name a few:; she was elected Senior Class President of Wellesley College, she graduated with honors from Yale Law School before completing another year of graduate studies, and she worked on the presidential campaigns of Barry Goldwater, George McGovern and Jimmy Carter. She also chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee while her husband Bill Clinton was Governor. After serving as first lady, she became US Senator for the state of New York and was appointed as Secretary of State.

But beyond these individual achievements, Hillary has always been so zealous about women’s rights.

Honestly, her support and pro-stand on equal rights for LGBT Americans is, for me, even secondary to all the amazing causes she is fighting for including her support to gun control, American workers, and her being Pro-Choice.

I also believe that her being First Lady of the United States for 8 years holds a significant factor in her leadership. Aside from the fact that I voted for her husband, Bill Clinton during his time, Aside from the fact that I voted for her husband, Bill Clinton during his time, I sincerely think it’s about time we put a woman in that seat.

I believe that phenomenal changes would start taking place once something radical like that happens. I am not saying it will solve all the problems our country is facing, but placing a lady as Head of State would dramatically alter the way women are viewed around the world.  And as someone who has witnessed the resilience of women, I have no problem believing that such governance will revolutionize a nation given the proper resources.

Since I’ve been talking non-stop about how I would love Hillary Clinton to be president. I think it’s just fair for me to say who I am least in favor of. Well, not that I hate the guy, but Donald trump strikes me as somewhat unpredictable, inconsistent and unprincipled. In his answers to questions and his reactions to national issues, he seems “undercooked” (no pun intended) for such a huge undertaking.

On second thought, there’s one way Donald Trump’s ruthless image could work. And that is personified by Philippines’ presidential candidate, Rodrigo Duterte. As one article I read says, “Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump seem to capitalize on the deep frustrations of Filipinos and Americans with the failings of their respective countries’ democratic systems.”

Rody Duterte, who is currently leading the polls, is known for his fearless, unfiltered threats about killing criminals and drug dealers. The strongman-image that he and his team are projecting seem to hit the right spot as more and more people are drawn to the Davao mayor’s straightforward and candid remarks. While his candor is appreciated by many, still some are unhappy about Duterte’s admission to being a lady’s man. Others also oppose to his ways of providing justice.

Running second in the survey for Filipino presidential candidate, is Sen. Grace Poe. She promised to eliminate classroom backlogs, free irrigation, increase the infrastructure budget, and hold the corrupt accountable, to name some of her platforms. Poe is highly admired among well-to-do respondents but aside from issues on her citizenship, she lacks anti-poverty, socio-economic and national security platforms.

And amid controversies, let’s not discount Vice President Binay who, according to one article, “is the only one with clearly-defined social, economic and national security platforms, where he showed his expertise and policies on anti-terrorism and cybercrime safeguards and eradication, which his office put into action in a series of seminars at the start of his term.”

Mar Roxas, while also facing flak from some parties, is getting support for his platform to continue President PNoy’s agenda of “daang matuwid” (straight path).

And there you have it, my take on our presidential candidates both here and in the Philippines. I conclude this article with a wish that we may have clean and peaceful elections.


Monet Lu is a Marikina-born, award-winning celebrity beauty stylist with his own chain of Monet Salon salons across Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Ultimately, Monet is known as an all-around artiste who produces sold-out fashion and awards shows as well as unforgettable marketing campaigns. Monet is also the founder of the revolutionary all-natural beauty products such as Enlighten, your solution to discoloration. To contact Monet, please visit or email him at

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