Trillanes denies involvement on video expose on Paolo Duterte

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and former Davao City Mayor Paolo Duterte ( photos)

Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes IV denied his involvement in a viral video alleging presidential son Paolo Duterte is linked to illegal drugs.

Trillanes on Friday, April 5 said he would “congratulate” the people behind the nearly seven-minute video circulating online that links the president’s family to drugs.

“The accusations of the witness were very serious, quite pointed and well-explained,” Trillanes said, adding “Having said that, I really wish I was part of the making of the videos so I could relish these moments but sadly I am not. In the meantime, I am looking forward, (as) everyone else, to the next episode.

The senator, who is a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, recalled the time that he was falsely accused of having offshore bank accounts. He compared his past situation to that of the former Davao City vice mayor.

“When you (Duterte) falsely accused me of having offshore bank accounts, I confronted it squarely and didn’t stop until I was able to debunk your lies,” Trillanes stated.  

“And when you realized na napatunayan ko na hindi totoo ang mga paratang mo, umatras ka at inamin na inimbento mo lang yun. Ano, ganun na lang yun? (I proved that your claims were false, you retreated and admitted you only made it up. That’s it?) Until your next lie?” he added.

The senator urged the president to sign a bank secrecy waiver in order to dismiss the accusations that he has billions of drug money in other countries. He also dared Paolo Duterte to show the tattoo on his back that would signify his involvement in a “triad” or an international crime syndicate.

“Kaya ang hamon ko sayo, pumirma ka ng bank secrecy waiver para ipakita na hindi ka corrupt at hindi galing sa droga ang mga bilyon bilyon mo sa bangko. Ikaw naman Polong, ipakita mo na lang ang likod mo, ang dami mo pang arte (That is why I challenge you to sign a bank secrecy waiver to show that you are not corrupt and your billions of money in the bank did not come from drugs. You, Polong, show us your back, you have too many complaints),” he added.

Despite Trillanes’ denial, the presidential son maintained that the senator was somehow involved in the making of the said video. He said that Trillanes is the only one capable of doing such since the latter often “attacks the government.”

“He may deny it, but the video supposedly showing my involvement in the illegal drug trade in the country has been clearly stamped with the indelible Trillanes signature of being a desperate mercenary, one who has done nothing good but attack the government,” Paolo Duterte said.

Paolo Duterte also refused to show his back tattoo; instead, he stated that he would file cases against the senator for the alleged attempts to ruin his name.

“And no, I will not show the tattoo on my back and make things easier for Mr. Trillanes. Instead, I dare him and everyone behind the stupid and empty video exposé to back their claims against me,” Paolo said as reported by The Philippine Star.

“I have filed cases against Mr. Trillanes for ruining my name. I will file another string of cases for his continued attempts to destroy my reputation,” he added.  

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